Lansing Area Skywarn

The Lansing Area Skywarn group covers Ingham, Clinton and parts of Eaton county/Delta Township. The Ingham County AEC for Skywarn is Ron Harger (WD8BCS).

Our primary Skywarn frequency is the 145.390 repeater with a PL tone of 100hz! 
Our primary backup repeater is the 146.940(-) repeater with a PL of 100.0Hz.

You can also access our Skywarn nets on 147.280 (Lansing) and 444.575 (Dansville) courtesy of the CMEN Network.

Net Conditions
We have recently adopted a three condition net system.  If you are unfamiliar with this, please look below to familiarize yourself with it!

Condition Green:
A severe weather watch has been issued for Ingham County -or- a warning has been issued for any county within 75 miles of Ingham County and is expected to impact Ingham county.
Amateur traffic is allowed under condition green.  Transmissions need to be kept short so that information about the weather may be read by net control, and the net can be quickly upgraded if conditions warrant.

Condition Yellow:
A Severe weather warning is issued for Ingham County or any adjacent county and is expected to impact Ingham County, or severe weather is imminent and approaching Ingham County.
Under condition yellow it is a directed net and all traffic must go through net control.  Spotters should only turn in severe weather reports.  Check-ins of Skywarn spotters are allowed.  All transmissions should be precise and brief (but don't speed up the message, for it may necessitate repeating of the information).

Condition Red:
Severe weather is directly impacting Ingham County, a wall cloud, shelf cloud, funnel cloud, tornado, -and or- significant rotation have been sighted in Ingham County.
Under condition red it is a directed net and all traffic must go through net control.  No routine check-ins are allowed.  Priority reports of downed electrical lines, the location of a funnel cloud or tornado -and or- life threatening damages or injuries are the ONLY reports to be given under condition red.  Remember to use the TEL (Time-Event-Location) format with reports.  All other reports should be saved and reported when the net is in condition Yellow or Green.  Make sure to keep all transmissions brief and to speak slowly enough for an accurate copy!

CLICK HERE for a refresher of what to report, what not to report, and Skywarn net tips!

Listen Live!

We now have streaming audio of the 146.940 repeater in Lansing (until the 145.39 Okemos returns) live over the internet. You can listen to normal repeater traffic, and our Skywarn nets online without a scanner! Click here to listen live.

2007 Tornadoes!

Mike Holcomb has put together a movie entitled '2007 Tornadoes'. No, that isn't 2007 of them, but it is video from both the South Lansing/Potterville Tornado and the Williamston Tornado on October 18. You can view the video here.

Tornado Statistics

Here is a list of the compiled tornado statistics from 1950 through 2007 for the greater Lansing Area: Ingham County has had a total of 26 tornadoes, 2 of them in 2007. Eaton county has had 23 tornadoes, 1 of them in 07, and Clinton county has had 17. An average of 16 tornadoes occurs in Michigan each year. Since 1950, 906 tornadoes have killed 242 people in Michigan.

CLICK HERE for NWS Grand Rapids office page.  Click on your location on the map for more detail and pay attention to any Hazardous Weather Outlooks, Special Weather Statements, Watches, or Warnings.

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