Amateur Radio Resources

Standard Operating Guidelines

ICARPSC Standard Operating Guidelines
This document contains the initial response plan for ICARPSC. Also attached are quick reference guides, and the Lansing Skywarn Net manual.

Jump kit planner
Adapted from training materials prepared by Northwest Oklahoma ARES, this document tells you what questions you need to ask yourself when building a jump kit for rapid deployment.

Michigan Section ARRL ARPSC Guidelines
This document is the guidelines set by the Michigan Section ARRL for Amateur Radio Public Service.

Part 97 FCC Guidelines
FCC Guidelines which outline the Amateur Service.


ARRL Public Service Communications Manual
The PSCM is an introduction and training manual for emergency communications; it describes the ARRL ARES and NTS programs, the nature of mixed ARES/RACES groups, interaction with local government officials, and more.

ARES Field Resources Manual
The ARES Field Resources Manual is a quick trainer and field resource guide for the emergency communicator.

Net Control Training Manual Instructor's Outline & Attachments

Net Control Station Training Manual

ATV Kit Operation Instructions


ARRL Radiogram Form
The radiogram form is used to record and handle traffic in NTS format. This is the two-up printer-friendly version.

After Action Report Form
This form is filled out after any exercise or event in which the Lansing ARPSC operates in. The idea is to provide feedback to those in charge of the event or exercise to help make things go smoother if the same exercise or event happens in the future.

Submitting Individual Hours to NTS/MI ARES
This page includes instructions and links for submitting your individual hours by K8RDN to the Michigan ARES/NTS.

Reference cards

ARRL Numbered Radiograms
This card lists the text of ARRL numbered radiogram texts, along with a few usage tips.

ARRL Radiogram Usage
This card describes the usage of the ARRL radiogram form.

Common Text Messages
This word document contains a listing of common text messages sent during ARPSC training and traffic nets.
(updated 12-13-10)

National Traffic System Training
A PDF slide show with good information on how to send, receive, and deliver traffic using the National Traffic System (NTS).

KB8ZQZ Skywarn Reference Packet
This packet contains handy reference material for the Skywarn spotter in the field, including storm structure diagrams, frequency lists, phone numbers, wind speed scales, TEL system, events to report, etc.

KB8ZQZ RACES Portable Guide
This guide contains handy reference material for the ARPSC operator in the field, including phone numbers, message form usage, numbered radiograms, phonetics, Q signals, frequency lists, key FCC regulations, NTS practice material, state police district map, etc.. Note that it was last revised in May 2001.

ARPSC Related

LansingARPSC Logo
The official Lansing Area/Ingham County Amateur Radio Public Service Corps Logo