ARPSC Meeting Minutes December 16, 2008
Call to Order
  • Meeting called to order at 19:09 hrs by Tom Shaver (KC8NJK)
  • 20 members in attendance
  • Introductions by all
Old Business
  1. No update on D-STAR or MEPIN project
  2. Silver Bells exercise was reviewed by Tom (KC8NJK)
    1. Technical issues were minimal.
    2. Some issues with assigned locations and safety.
    3. Command center location changed at last minute from Station 1 to 2nd floor of LPD.
    4. Jeff Kludy (Lansing Radio Lab) was very helpful with last minute connectors & cables to roof at LPD.
New Business
  1. Wayne (W8QG) reported the Lansing EOC Radio Room Cabinets have been installed and are very nice. Helping in the installation of the radio equipment was Bob (K8RDN), Ron (WD8BCS), Troy (W8TCC), Jon (KB8QJC) and Wayne.
  2. Jon (KB8QJC) reported 4 sirens were tested in Meridian. Delhi sirens shut off while false alarms are investigate.
  3. Skywarn Training is scheduled for March 7th, 2009 per Tom (KC8NJK), Ben (WX8BEN) coordinating event.
  4. Bob (K8RDN) reported on the Annual Michigan "EC" Meeting.
    1. 13 stations are designated as OES per the ARRL section and meeting the technical requirements. Contact Tom (KC8NJK) if interested in becoming an OES station.
    2. Digital communications was discussed and it was observed there are two “camps” and a large divide between them on how to develop the communications plans.
  5. Tom (KC8NJK) was looking for one of our members to act as the MIARPSC & ARRL Liaison to our group. Bob (K8RDN) will continue to check into the weekly ARPSC net on Sundays to keep our group updated. Mike (WA8KZY) will act as an alternate to Bob.


AEC Business


  1. Assistants
    1. Dennis Boone (KB8ZQZ) No update on MEPIN or D-Star
    2. Jim Hannahs (KC8QWH) Send him your FEMA certificates
    3. Dave Hayhurst (K8QH) No update on headsets.
  2. SKYWARN - Ben Holcomb (WX8BEN) training March 7th
  3. Events Coordinator - Jeremiah (KC8EIA) no scheduled events
  4. Net Control Don (KB8RAD) Still needing NCS & training positions for 12/29 and all of January.
  5. Media Bill (WD8NYW) is looking into stories regarding Silver Bells, Siren tests and Skywarn training.


Adjournment: 2017
Troy (W8TCC) provided a training session for packet radio and naming conventions.

NEXT MEETING: Monday January 19th, 2009 at the Lansing E.O.C.