AEC Strategic Planning Meeting Minutes - December 12, 2007
Call to Order


Meeting opened by Tom Shaver, KC8NJK @ 18:05 hrs.

In attendance:

  • Jeremiah Sevrey (KC8EIA)
  • Bill Cote (WD8NYW)
  • Jim Hannahs (KC8QWH)
  • Ben Holcomb (WA8BEN)
  • Dave Hayhurst (K8QH)
  • Rocky Beckner (K8DRB)
  • Dennis Boone (KB8ZQZ)
  • City of Lansing Emergency Manager Trent Atkins

New Business


  1. Lansing ARPSC Membership Requirements
    1. The MOU signed by Michigan State Police & ARRL Michigan Section Manager was reviewed and compared to our current training requirements.
    2. A discussion of our current membership requirements along with the reasons for the previously established standards.
    3. Several changes were approved:
      1. IS-800 was removed as a training requirement.
      2. The requirement of attending 2 meetings at the Station 8 and 2 meetings at the ICSD office was removed and replaced with a new participation program.
      3. The value of face-to-face interaction between LARPSC members was repeatedly identified as valuable.
      4. Several categories of participation events have been identified:
        1. Public Service
        2. Activations
        3. Work Projects
        4. Meetings
        5. Training
        6. Net Control
      5. Each LARPSC member will be required to participate in at least 3 events during a 12-month period. No more than 2 events may be from the same category to be eligible for credit towards the yearly requirement.
  2. Communications Room Remodel:
    1. The communications room at Station 8 will be remodeled this spring.
    2. Trent Atkins is willing to purchase new desk furniture for the room.
    3. 1 straight workstation was identified for net control use and will be positioned in the middle of the east wall.
    4. 2 corner workstations were identified for supporting net control function. These workstations will sit in the northeast and southeast corners of the room.
    5. Equipment will be assigned to the workstations based upon operational needs.
  3. ATV:
    1. The current model of ATV transceiver is no longer available.
    2. A new 902 MHz ATV transceiver will be purchased as the next ATV station.
    3. 902 MHz would allow for simultaneous transmissions with the 420 MHz station.
    4. Dennis is still investigating cameras for use in low light conditions.
  4. After Action Report:
    1. Tom developed an After Action Report (AAR) based upon an example provided by Don Cote from the MARS community.
    2. Ben will place the form on the LARPSC web site when finalized.
  5. Training session:
    1. Future classes will be scheduled for the FEMA classes.
  6. Goals & Objectives:
    1. Discussion followed on establishing the following goals:
      1. Membership
      2. Inventory of our member's resources
      3. Exercises / Demonstrations for members
      4. Data Connectivity for LARPSC activations

Meeting Adjourned at 21:55