ARPSC Meeting Minutes November 19, 2007


Call to Order
  • Tom - KC8NJK at 19:05
  • Trent Atkins - Lansing EMD attending
Old Business
  1. Lansing ID Cards
    1. Trent Atkins advised the pictures & cards were sent to the Chief for approval.
    2. This batch of Lansing ID cards will be available at the December meeting.
  2. Skywarn Winter Training
    1. Excellent session with over 30 attending from the community.
  3. FEMA Training & Certification
    1. The documents continue to be collected for certification of the required FEMA courses. Spreadsheet passed around for all to confirm their courses & appropriate documentation have been received. Need confirmed by 1/08.
    2. Discussion followed regarding what should be required & what is required by the State EMD. More discussion to follow at AEC meeting in December.
  4. FSD-212
    1. Hours being reported monthly to reflect time spent by LARPSC members in the course of the group's activities. Get details to Tom, KC8NJK for inclusion into monthly report.
  5. Volunteer for Secretary
    1. Dave, K8QH will volunteer for meeting minutes.
  6. ARPSC ListServ
    1. Start-up bugs worked out & several messages sent as recent as 11/19/07.
    2. Cannot use HTML mail messages (per Dennis, KB8ZQZ).
  7. ARPSC Logo Contest:
    1. No logo's yet. Tom would like 3-4 entries and then we can pick the best for the group.
    2. Look at LARPSC web site for mission statement to help get ideas for logo.
  8. NCS & NTS Classes
    1. Both classes taught by Rocky, K8DRB - (Thanks Rocky!).
    2. 7 attended NCS class.
    3. 11 attended Message handling class.
New Business
  1. Williamston Tornado
    1. Video being assembled, watch the website for details!
  2. HAM in a Day Class
    1. January 5, 2008, 8:00am - 5:00 pm (+/-).
    2. 20 seats filled by CERT members, 5 seats still open.
    3. Rocky, K8DRB coordinating class.
    4. Testing the following week using normal VEC programs.
  3. R.A.C.E.S. Card Requirements
    1. Please review the new State EMD requirements found in the new RACES document. Link can be found on the LARPSC web site
    2. Lansing requiring background checks as part of their RACES cards.
  4. Ingham Co. EOC proximity door cards
    1. K8DRB, W8ERV, WD8BCS, K8QH, KC8PUN volunteered for 1st batch of door cards for access to the ICS EOC.
  5. Skywarn Net Control Training
    1. Rocky, K8DRB starting a new directed net on 11/26/07 for training.
      1. Mondays, 8:00 pm, 145.39 repeater (except LARPSC meeting nights!).
    2. Ben, WA8BEN to setup training sessions for Skywarn Net Control in the Lansing EOC
      1. Training to be 1 hr (+/-) and during January or February.
  6. District One EC/DEC meeting
    1. Tom, KC8NJK attended along with 60 to 70 other EC's.
  7. MEPIN Workday
    1. 6 worked on project - Antenna cables in shelter & terminated.
    2. Needing UHF radio for linking.
    3. Dennis, KB8ZQZ will provide details on the function & use of the system at a future date.
  8. Silver Bells in the City
    1. Trent Atkins thanked all involved in the event. Estimates up to 120,000 visitors to the event and no major problems.
    2. ATV worked well. Identified some path issues to Station 1 for future events.
    3. Discussion followed regarding member expectations and involvement of LARPSC members on future events.
  9. District One D-STAR Project
    1. Limited discussion regarding the use of the new technology & Ingham Co. area.
    2. Request was made to City of Lansing for use of the Holmes Rd. tower.
    3. Video available on ICOM website on deployment & use.
  10. EAS/Warning Alert Policy Meeting
    1. Tom, KC8NJK & Ben, WA8BEN to meet with City of Lansing regarding policy on alert sirens and reporting weather events.
  11. Non-LARPSC member involvement
    1. Tom, KC8NJK asked for ideas on involving non LARPSC amateur radio operators during major events
  12. Lansing EOC communications room remodel
    1. Plans to remodel / reorganize the communications room by next spring.
    2. Trent Atkins; Lansing EMD, will support up to $500 towards effort.


AEC Business (Acting Emergency Coordinator)


  1. EC ASSISTANTS (Those who will take charge if Tom Shaver - KC8NJK is unavailable
    1. Clint Hannahs - KC8EHR
    2. Dennis Boone - KB8ZQZ
  2. SKYWARN: Ben Holcomb - WA8BEN
  5. WEB-MASTER: Ben Holcomb - WA8BEN
  6. NET CONTROL: Dennis "Rocky" Beckner - K8DRB
  7. TRAINING: Tom Shaver - KC8NJK
  8. MEDIA: Bill Cote - WD8NYW


Adjournment: 2105


NEXT MEETING: MONDAY, DECEMBER 17TH, Ingham County Sheriff's Department