ARPSC Meeting Minutes November 17, 2008
Call to Order
  • Meeting called to order at 19:02 hrs by Tom Shaver (KC8NJK)
  • 20 members in attendance
Old Business
  1. No update on the D-STAR or MEPIN project.
  2. Still waiting on a printer for Lansing ID cards. Some issued cards work on the new card reader on the Comm. room door.
  3. ICSD prox cards issued to Erv (W8ERV), Dennis (KC8ZQZ), Jim (KC8QWH), Don (KB8RAD) and Ron (WD8BCS) for access to the ICSD EOC.
  4. 2nd monthly Ingham County Siren Test, 14 sirens activated with 9 verified
New Business
  1. Silver Bells ATV operators needed for 11/21/08
    1. Lisa Phillips, LPD contact person
    2. Meet at LFD Station #1
  2. A LFD Firefighter is building new cabinets in the Lansing EOC Radio Room. Several suggestions from the group to identify requirements.
  3. Reminder to send agenda items to Tom (KC8NJK)


AEC Business


  1. Assistants - Send FEMA & ARRL emergency course certifications to Jim (KC8QWH) for documentations purposes
  2. Dave Hayhurst (K8QH) - Discussed preliminary research on noise canceling headsets for use at Common Ground.
  3. SKYWARN / Webmaster - Ben (WX8BEN) will post the training net schedule on the web site.
  4. Net Control - Don (KB8RAD) is requesting members sign up to act NCS and also provide a training session. Training can be your choice.


Adjournment: 1956
Bob (K8RDN) provided an excellent training session on traffic handling.

NEXT MEETING: Monday December 15, Ingham County E.O.C.