ARPSC Meeting Minutes October 20, 2008
Call to Order
  • Meeting called to order at 19:02 hrs by Tom Shaver (KC8NJK)
  • 19 members in attendance
  • All were asked to answer, "What could we do to improve our organization?" (Great answers!)
Old Business
  1. District One D-STAR Project - No update
  2. MEPIN - No update
  3. City of Lansing EOC Communications Room Remodel @ Station 8 - Remodel has improved the layout of the room with the existing furniture. Still need more room for storage of deployable equipment.
  4. Ingham Co. Prox cards - John (KB8QJC) had 5 cards that are to open the EOC door and office. Tom (KC8NJK) to find list of card assignments for next meeting.
  5. Ingham Co. Siren Test - John (KC8QJC) had 7 volunteers for first test, 2 more have now volunteered. Meridian Township Asst. Chief Dave (KD8JBB) would like to have 15 volunteers for the March 1, 2009 test to inaugurate the 2009 storm season. Dave suggested we develop some PR video for broadcast on the Meridian public access channel of our activities.
  6. October "SET" (Sept 27th) - 83 messages sent out by the State EOC. 20 were responded to as part of the test. Ron (WD8BCS) at the Lansing EOC did not get a message. Tom (KC8NJK) is now starting to get the ARPSC meeting notices & e-mail messages. Unsure why he wasn't getting any notifications of meetings or events by our section staff.
New Business
  1. Next AEC meeting - Tom (KC8NJK) to identify a Tuesday or Wednesday evening for the next AEC meeting and notify AECs.
  2. LARPSC Monday night nets - The new 7:00 pm start time is working well and the recent training sessions have been excellent. Nothing but positive comments on our recent training sessions! Don (KB8RAD) passes a sign up sheet around for Net Control & Training duties for the next 2 months. Ben (WX8BEN) will post the Net Control & Trainer schedule on the LARPSC WEB site.
  3. Lansing EOC needs - A network printer & 2nd Laptop imaged was requested for use at Station #1 EOC.
AEC Business
  1. Assistants - Jim (KC8QWH) requesting your ARRL EM class dates and FEMA certificates for our records.
  2. SKYWARN / Webmaster - Ben (WX8BEN) has not started any plans yet for the spring SKYWARN training session. It was noted the LCC campus was an excellent location and last year was the largest turnout.
  3. Events Coordinator - Jeremiah (KC8EIA) has not received a request from Silver Bells for support. Last year there was confusion on the role of the ARPSC members.
  4. Equipment & Technology - No report
  5. Net Control - See above notes
  6. Media - Bill (WD8NYW) reminded us to contact him as soon as possible on events we are involved in that could be newsworthy.
  7. Packet & APRS - No report


Adjournment: 2037


NEXT MEETING: Monday November 10, Lansing E.O.C.