ARPSC Meeting Minutes October 19, 2009

1)    Call to Order
a)    Meeting called to order @ 19:01 hrs by Tom (KC8NJK)
b)    16 members present + 1 potential (Jon's young son)
2)    Old Business
a)    FSD-212 & FEMA IS class status lists pass around for all to review
b)    New RACES cards were available for exchange.
c)    Thank you to Jeff (KC8PUN) and Dennis (KB8ZQZ) for getting all of the equipment in good shape for the Common Ground response.   Over 300 total hours of service was provided by the LARPSC group during the 6 nights of the festival.
d)    The Delhi and Meridian siren tests have been successful.  Last test identified a failed siren at the Kinawa site, which has since been repaired.   Tests will continue through the winter months.
e)    The new D-Star system needs a rack for mounting of the equipment.  Dennis will investigate using one of the racks currently in his garage.
f)    The City has approved the installation of an Internet connection at the David St. tower for use by MEPIN and other technologies.
g)    Bob (K8RDN) reports Ingham Co. had a good number of stations participating in SET.   Details of the SET did not arrive until the last minute but the amateurs in the Lansing area still provided a strong showing.
h)    Ben (WX8BEN) is several hours away from rolling out the new LARPSC website.
i)    Bob responded to the request to clean up the Lansing EOC.
j)    Lansing EOC cards continue to be an issue within the City of Lansing Fire Dept.
3)    New Business
a)    CMARC was request to remove / move the HF station at the Red Cross.  Tom met with several officials at the local chapter and reviewed the reason for the station.  No resolution yet and reprieve given until October 31.  Several local operators do activate the station on a monthly basis to make sure it's operational.
b)    B&B Embroidery has moved to Texas but will still make LARPSC clothing.  The web site remains the same except for the new US mail address.
c)    Ben is working with LCC for a meeting room for the spring Skywarn training.  Our previous contacts were laid off due to budget reductions at LCC.
d)    Joe Caswell has set up a web site for Lansing amateur radio operators.  (Unknown URL)
e)    November 7th @ 2:00 is set aside as a workday in preparation of the Silver Bells service project.  No official request yet from the City but this is normal.  Silver Bells is November 20th.
f)    Ron is already starting on the 2010 ARRL Field Day event and asked the group to consider staffing a station at the Field Day site.
4)    AEC Reports
a)    Ron (WD8BCS) started a discussion regarding passing of sensitive information during Skywarn or other major event.  Several options were identified as a way to avoid giving the name of a person or other identifying information of a person injured or killed during a disaster over the open airwaves but still providing critical information to the responsible agencies.
b)    The Monday evening training net continues to be a good source of information and training.  All are encouraged to check in, sign up for Net Control and even provide a training session.
c)    All service projects are done for 2009 with the exception of Silver Bells.
d)    Bill (WD8NYW) will prepare a media release for the Silver Bells service project.
5)    Adjournment
a)    Next meeting will be at Fire Station #8 on November 9th (2nd Monday of the month) instead of the normal 3rd Monday.  Please make note on your calendars.
b)    Meeting adjourned at 20:25 hrs.