ARPSC Meeting Minutes October 15, 2007
Call to Order (Ingham County Sheriff's Office, Mike Perez attending)
  • Tom - KC8NJK make an appeal for someone to volunteer to be the meeting "Recording Secretary". Basically, someone to take notes during the meeting.


Old Business


  1. August Tornado's "Lessons Learned"
    1. The need to divide the county into designated "Divisions" with pre-identified spotter locations was discussed. Ben WA8BEN will be creating these maps.
  2. FSD-212 "State Reporting Format" was discussed. KC8NJK thanked all those who have been regularly reporting: Net, numbers, hours, etc. As a reminder, please send all information to KC8NJK by the end of the month. Our group report has to be complete by the 5th of each month.
  3. Monroe County / National Guard / IRLP Exercise
    1. Tom - KC8NJK contacted the National Guard in reference to assisting them with updating their infrastructure as it relates to: feed line, antenna's and internet access from their headquarters. Sgt. Mike Foy will be contacting us to coordinate the assistance.
  4. AEC Strategic Planning Meeting
    1. A brief report was given in regards to our first AEC meeting. The Meeting Minutes can be downloaded here.
  5. Weekly ARPSC "Simplex Net"
    1. Net Control AEC K8DRB reported that weekly training Nets will begin after the classes are completed in November. Also, these Weekly Nets will be conducted on a repeater rather than simplex to enhance our exposure to the greater Ham community.
    2. Sgt. Mike Perez N8OUN asked that out county fire stations be tested on a regular basis each year. These Nets will have to be coordinated in advance through the County Emergency Management Office.
  6. IS-100 Class provided by Wayne W8QG & Linda KD8EPZ Conklin earlier this month was a huge success! Thank you Wayne & Linda for all your time & effort!
    1. IS-200 is now being organized. More information will soon follow and dates, times and location.
  7. State SET October 6th


New Business


  1. City of Lansing ID Cards
    1. In the near future, Trent Atkins will be providing us with days and times that we can obtain our ID Cards from the city.
    2. Sgt. Mike Perez N8OUN stated that he would like to provide 6 - 12 Prox Cards for members that would most likely be responding the Ingham County EOC in the event of a SKYWARN NET or other acivation.
  2. Request for HAM in a day training for City of Lansing and Ingham County volunteers.
    1. Rocky K8DRB has offered to coordinate this effort. He will be meeting with city officials and CERT team members to select an appropriate date early in 2008.
    2. Those interested in assisting Rocky in this effort, please contact him!
  3. "Winter Weather Training Class" will be provided by Mike Heathfield from the National Weather Service in Grand Rapids. The training will be in Lansing and the tentative date is November 13th. Further information and instructions will follow as soon as possible.
  4. The next ARPSC AEC meeting will be December 12th. Please feel free to read the meeting minutes from the October meeting at: .
  5. All FEMA IS Class certificates must be on file for every member by January 2008.
    1. Jim KC8QWH has volunteered to assemble the files that are now on file. Please provide Jim with any certificates that may not be on file.
    2. If you are unable to locate your originals, they can be requested from FEMA at this address:
    1. If you would like to use the LISTSERV to communicate to the entire group, please feel free to use:
  7. ARPSC Logo Contest!
    1. PLEASE - All of you artists out there!!! We are looking for logo that would be suitable for use with our group. Come one, come all… Let's submit our best shots and pick one to be used as our logo!!!


AEC Business (Acting Emergency Coordinator)


  1. EC ASSISTANTS (Those who will take charge if Tom Shaver - KC8NJK is unavailable
    1. Clint Hannahs - KC8EHR
    2. Dennis Boone - KB8ZQZ
  2. SKYWARN: Ben Holcomb - WA8BEN
    1. Lansing/Ingham needs more trained Skywarn Net Control Operators!
    2. The 2008 SKYWARN Training will take place on March 29th, Lansing Community College West Campus.
    3. 1000 - 1200 hours "Basic Skywarn Training"
    4. 1200 - 1400 hours "Radar Training and Advanced Skywarn"
    5. More Details will be posted to the Lansing ARPSC Website soon
    1. No upcoming events currently planned
    2. Silver Bells in the City could be a potential event to help out with?
    1. MEPIN workday planned for October 27th! Please contact Dennis if you are interested in assisting!
    2. Other projects in the hopper
      1. Lansing EOC Communications Room "Remodel"
      2. One additional ATV Kit for 2008
      3. ATV Repeater possibly coming in 2008
      4. Two new laptop computers coming soon
      5. Baron Services Doppler Radar coming to the Ham Shack
      6. All City of Lansing Fire Stations to receive feed line & antenna's
  5. WEB-MASTER: Ben Holcomb - WA8BEN
    1. Ben is now creating a contact list of all operators that can be maintained on the website
  6. NET CONTROL: Dennis "Rocky" Beckner - K8DRB
    1. Net Control Training Date: Saturday, November 3rd, 1-4pm
    2. Message Handling Training Date: Saturday November 10th, 1-4pm
  7. TRAINING: Tom Shaver - KC8NJK
    1. "IS-200" Our next class will be organized soon!
  8. MEDIA: Bill Cote - KD8NYW (Is vacationing in Hawaii)
  9. DIGITAL MODES: These modes will be rolled into the Equip/Tech area
  10. HF/CODE: These modes will be rolled into the Net Control area


Adjournment: 9pm