AEC Strategic Planning Meeting Minutes - September 27, 2007
GOSSIP (All this needs to stop and we need to be the leaders in this effort) (Professionalism: Need to develop a Code of Conduct)

Vision: To build a coordinated resource of trained communicators, infrastructure and capabilities to assist our community by providing emergency and supplemental communications.

Mission Statement: The Lansing / Ingham ARPSC will establish a voluntary organization of competent communicators with enhanced capabilities and a resilient infrastructure to support the community. This will be accomplished through, planning, recruitment, training and professionalism.

Goals/Priorities we discussed

  1. Advertising our organization (Need more members)(Recruitment)
  2. Communications rooms needs to be operational (Planning, Training)
    1. Clean / organize / inventory equipment
    2. Remodel existing infrastructure
  3. Training (Training)
    1. Train operators to use EOC Communications rooms equipment
    2. Train all operators to a minimum standard (to be identified)
  4. SKYWARN (Planning, Training)
    1. Develop more Weather Net Operators that can work in the EOC’s
  5. Net Control Operations Planning, Training)
    1. Develop Net Operations protocols
    2. Train / Evaluate Net Control Stations (outside the EOC’s)
    3. Message traffic handling procedures, training and documentation
  6. Equipment & Technology (Planning, Training)
    1. Feed line in all Fire Stations
    2. MEPIN
    3. ATV Repeater
    4. Cost breakdown for one more ATV set-up

Goals/Priorities (and other issues) we did not discuss

  1. The risk of getting lost in the tyranny of the urgent and not saying no
  2. Training/Education
    1. Basic RACES requirements
    2. Auditing each and every member
  3. Net Control Operations
    1. Simulated Emergency Tests
    2. Monthly Simplex Nets
  4. Public Service Events
  5. Monthly Meetings
    1. 2008 SKYWARN Training
    2. Spotter Maps (Coordinated Divisions & Locations)
    3. The need for more SKYWARN Net Control Operators
    4. New Net Procedures from Lansing 911 & EOC
  8. Media
  9. Web Master
  10. Digital Modes / HF / Code