ARPSC Meeting Minutes September 21, 2009

1)    Call to Order
a)    Meeting called to order @ 19:02 hrs by Dennis (KB8ZQZ)
b)    15 members present
2)    Old Business
a)    Siren testing will continue through the year.   Next test will occur on October 3, 2009 at 13:00 hrs.  Ron (WD8BCS) to send out reminder notice.
b)    Ben (WX8BEN) is still developing the new WEB site.  Close to roll out.
c)    No update on development of a grid map for storm spotters.   This will be followed up as time permits. (WX8BEN)
d)    No activity on installation of D-Star.   Repeater is tentatively planned for installation at the Maintenance & Alarms Division building at Pleasant and Ferrol St.  A D-Star radio identified for each of the 4 Ingham Co. EOCs
3)    New Business
a)    No plans for the SET on October 3.
b)    Ben was contacted by the NWS to start planning for next years Storm Spotter training.  Several of the LCC staff previously helpful in securing the location no longer work at LCC due to budgets.  Ben to follow up on potential rooms at LCC or another location.
c)    Silver Bells will be here in about 8 weeks.  Need to run through the equipment for completeness and any necessary repairs.  
d)    A discussion took place on obtaining a vehicle (i.e.; golf cart) assigned to the LARPSC for events.   General consensus was to not pursue obtaining one due to storage and actual use.
e)    Hospice Walk on October 1.  Contact Jeremiah (KC8EIA) to volunteer.
f)    GR Level 3 radar not working in the EOC.   Dennis & Ron to work on problem after the meeting.
4)    Adjournment
a)    Next meeting @ Ingham Co. Sheriff's EOC
b)    Meeting adjourned @ 19:35 hrs.