ARPSC Meeting Minutes September 15, 2008
Call to Order
  • Meeting called to order at 19:03 hrs by Tom Shaver (KC8NJK) at the Lansing EMD.
  • Training Chief Dave Harper (KD8JBB) Meridian Twp Fire Dept. visiting.
  • 18 members in attendance
Old Business
  1. D-Star equipment is still at the Livingston Co. storage facility. Work continues on securing a location for the repeaters and Internet connection for interoperability with other D-Star repeaters in the state. Discussion followed on the value of the D-Star system.
  2. Dennis Boone (KB8ZQZ) and Jeff Goeke-Smith (KC8PUN) resumed work on the MEPIN stations. The ADI radios overheat with minimal use. All agreed to use one of the unassembled packet station Yaesu FT-1802M VHF radios in the MEPIN station. Mike Bayard (N8OBU) installed a diplexer at the David St. site to share the VHF antenna. Dave Hayhurst (K8QH) to build the MEPIN RF interconnection cables.
  3. Wayne Conklin (W8QG) has reorganized and cleaned up the Lansing EOC room. It works well for a staffing level of 2. More storage room is needed for the storage of our field deployment equipment.
  4. No update on the ICSD Prox cards. The City of Lansing ID card printer is still broken and unable to print new cards.
  5. Ben Holcomb (WX8BEN) will reschedule the radar training session.
New Business
  1. Training Chief Dave Harper (KD8JBB), Meridian Township Fire Dept. requested assistance in monitoring the monthly emergency warning siren system. The system is tested on the 1st Saturday of the month at 13:00 hrs. The City of Lansing sirens are monitored but the sirens in Delhi (9), Meridian (4) and Williamston (2) do not have automatic reporting of their successful test. Chief Harper will get the siren locations to LARPSC and we will develop a reporting net for the monthly tests.
  2. Chief Harper highlighted the Mobile Medical CBRNE support units located at Meridian Township and City of Lansing for use by medical personnel responding to a major incident. The unit contains complex communications systems and Chief Harper is requesting we become trained and deploy with the unit to support the on board Amateur radio and other Public Safety communications equipment. The concept was received well by the LARPSC members at the meeting. Ron Harger (WD8BCS) and Tom Barber (KB8QJC) agreed to co-chair a committee and work with Chief Harper to get us more information to us regarding training and certifications for our interested members.
  3. Dennis (KB8ZQZ) will attend an organizational meeting on 9/24 regarding the SET exercise on 9/27. A spirited discussion followed regarding JNOS and the method for contacting the State EOC and other EOCs.
  4. Tom (KC8NJK) received a request from Sgt. Ott, ICSD to update the Emergency Action Guidelines (EAG). Tom is very familiar with the documents and will follow on updating the EAG’s.
  5. Jim Hannahs (KC8QWH) displayed the new 900 MHz antenna tripod mount. It was very sturdy and Jim will follow up on building additional mounts for the ATV kits.
  6. Trent Atkins (KD8HQB), Lansing EMD, contacted Tom regarding the use of the ATV video cameras to capture storm damage to tape. The cameras do not have tapes and the batteries are typically not charged (the ATV kits supply DC power). Further investigation will be done with this request to include deployment protocols, storage locations, personnel, etc.
AEC Business
  1. Don McClain (KB8RAD) pointed out the weekly LARPSC net has struggled with participants and focus. After a lengthy discussion, the Monday evening LARPSC training net will change it’s starting time to 7:00 pm and includes a specific training element. Bob Berger’s (K8RDN) messages demonstrate the value of learning to use standardized NTS forms. 3 members have signed up to take the next 3 weeks of Net Control and enlist another member or develop a skill, message or training component for each net.


Adjournment: 2107


NEXT MEETING: Monday October 20, Ingham County Sheriffs Department