ARPSC Meeting Minutes August 18, 2008
Call to Order
  • Meeting called to order by Dennis Boone (KB8ZQZ) @ 19:06 hrs
  • 15 in attendance and introductions by all.
Old Business
  1. Callsign received for the Lansing D-Star repeater. No other updates.
  2. No update on MEPIN project.
  3. No update on the status of the Lansing EOC remodel.
  4. Thanks to Trent Atkins, Lansing EMD for the excellent volunteer appreciation picnic! Several recognition awards were presented to deserving LARPSC members. (By the way... LARPSC beat the CERT team 3 to 1 in the Olympic games at the picnic.)
  5. No update on the status of the Station #8 EOC access cards.
  6. Only 1 person signed up for the GR Level 3 radar training offered by Ben Holcomb (WX8BEN) so the class was not held. Ben will provide training at the next meeting to all in attendance.
New Business
  1. Bill Cote (WD8NYW) and Jeff Goeke-Smith (KC8PUN) reviewed our Common Ground After Action Reports and provided a summary. Several items noteworthy of the review:
    1. Using 146.58 MHz simplex provided good coverage without the use of the LCC repeater.
    2. Noise canceling microphones/headsets are needed for the locations next to the stage. Dave Hayhurst (K8QH) to investigate solutions.
    3. Access to the Market Place trailer (ladder) is still a problem. The existing ladder is shaky at best and the key is sometimes elusive!
    4. 2 of the 900 MHz kits didn’t function properly on this initial roll-out. Dennis (KB8ZQZ) will continue to refine these kits. The kits are much nicer to deploy than the older 400 MHz kits.
    5. 900 MHz antennas need better stands. Jim Hannahs (KC8QWH) is following up with better tripods. (The ones used were only a temporary stand due to the short time for implementation.) It was also noted the number of visitors in the range of the ramp 900 MHz antenna requiring a shut down.
    6. i)The sign up process and assignment schedule need to be better coordinated. Ben (WX8BEN) will look at a web-based solution to help with a more timely distribution of the schedule for next year’s activity.
    7. The general consensus is this Common Ground was better than those in the past and we will continue to make improvements.
  2. The next AEC meeting is scheduled for 8/20. Due to schedules, most AECs will not be able to attend. The meeting will be rescheduled for a later date.
  3. Mike Perez (N8OUN) note he had included some funds in the '09 ICSD EMD budget (before he retired) for equipment at the ICSD EOC. He's not sure if it is still in the budget but that may bring some possibilities for the ICSD EOC communications.
AEC Business
  1. Ben will conduct a training session at the next LARPSC meeting at Station #8 on GR Level 3 radar. (WX8BEN)
  2. Sign-up for several events will be posted on the LARPSC web. Please check your schedule and sign up where you can help with communications. (KC8EIA)
  3. No updates on Equipment & Technology
  4. No update on the weekly net.
  5. Bill continues to look for material for media presentations. (WD8NYW)
  6. No update on Packet or ARPS


Adjournment: 1953
NEXT MEETING: Monday September 15, City of Lansing EOC