ARPSC Meeting Minutes June 16, 2008
Call to Order
  • The meeting was called to order at 19:03 hrs.
  • 28 in attendance and introductions by all.
Presentation on the MEMS by Christine Hendrickson, Ingham Co. Health Dept.
  1. Modular Emergency Medical System.
  2. Reviewed the basic model of the MEMS and how Ingham / City of Lansing integrate into the District 1 plan.
  3. June 13th test went well for the RACES communications.
  4. Amateur Radio is a recognized resource of the MEMS statewide plan implemented in each of the 7 districts.
Old Business
  1. The stitched and framed ARPSC Logo for the Ingham Co. EOC was displayed and will be hung in the ICSD EOC.
  2. No update on issuing the ICSD Prox cards.
  3. Lansing is still waiting on a new printer for their ID cards.
  4. A frequency coordination request for the D-Star repeater has been submitted. Several other requests for D-Star systems have been submitted but it appears the frequency coordinators are not sure how to respond to the new digital mode repeaters but no frequency coordinations have occurred.
  5. Dennis (KB8ZQZ) is constructing the new 900 MHz ATV systems with the goal of having enough ready by Common Ground. He has about 50% of the PAs built and continues to design/build the modular cases. There will be an ATV demo setup at the Field Day site and training to occur between 3:00 – 5:00 on Saturday afternoon.
  6. MEPIN is on hold until after the Common Ground event.
  7. Wayne (W8QG) has stepped up to chair the remodel of the Lansing EOC. New laptops and LCDs were received. Clean up (throwing away junk!) continues while the new computers are being loaded with software & installed.
New Business
  1. Bob Ott is the new EM for the ICSD and replaces Mike (N8OUN) who retired in early June. Thanks for all the assistance from your office while you were at the ICSD and good luck with your retirement!
  2. The Monday night LARPSC net continues with 10 – 20 check-ins. Please contact Don (KB8RAD) if you can act as net control. A discussion followed regarding operating the net in different modes such as simplex, battery power, passing formatted messages to keep the net a training forum.
  3. Wayne's (W8QG) General Class course is now complete. 10 students started the course and 6 completed the course. 1 has taken and passed their General Class exam and the remaining students want to study more and take their exam in the next few weeks.
  4. The Ingham Co. Public Health Dept. exercise on 6/13 was successful. RACES is an active resource of our local response.
  5. Jeremiah (KC8EIA) passed around a signup sheet for the Common Ground ATV ARPSC support as requested by the City of Lansing. The ATV demo/training at the Field Day site will prepare you to setup a station or help another operator. Please look at your calendars and sign up for time slots.
  6. An informative and healthy discussion and review of our recent Skywarn nets finished out the evening. Overall, the nets were very good and operations went well. Several areas of "fine tuning" were discussed such as checking-in and checking-out of the net. Ron (WD8BCS) assembled several excellent thoughts on paper and shared them with the group. The paper has since been distributed to the group's list-serve for all to read. Several noteworthy items in the discussion were:
    • Personal safety is #1.
    • Public safety through our assistance to the NWS is important to our communities.
    • We must be willing to adapt the net to the conditions.
    • Know your equipment and how to program and operate it. Know its limitations.
    • Patience is a requirement, not an option.
    • Make sure traffic for the net is appropriate and applicable.
    • Listen to net control for updates on frequencies for damage assessment nets and other operations
    • Visit Chad Rust's (KD8AYM) web site and listen to your interaction in the net as a way to improve / fine-tune your reporting and radio skills.

Ron & Ben (WX8BEN) would like to see 5 or 6 more amateurs step up and become trained in the EOC and net control side of the Skywarn program. Please contact Ron if you are interested in those duties. Watch for further discussion on our Skywarn and similar nets as we improve our processes.

AEC Business (Acting Emergency Coordinator)
  1. EC ASSISTANTS (Those who will take charge if Tom Shaver - KC8NJK is unavailable
    1. Dennis Boone - KB8ZQZ
    2. Jim Hannahs - KC8QWH
    3. Dave Hayhurst - K8QH
  2. SKYWARN: Ben Holcomb - WX8BEN
    • Send pictures of weather related events to Ben (WX8BEN)
    • Jeremiah (KC8EIA) is requesting volunteers for the Angel House walk on 6/21 and future events. Please sign up on the web site.
    • A planning meeting for the Common Ground festival has been called by the City of Lansing. Dennis (KB8ZQZ) will attend the meeting as the representative from our ARPSC group.
  5. WEB-MASTER: Ben Holcomb - WX8BEN
  6. NET CONTROL: Don McLain - KB8RAD
  7. TRAINING: Tom Shaver - KC8NJK
  8. MEDIA: Bill Cote - WD8NYW


Adjournment: 2113
NEXT MEETING: Monday July 21, City of Lansing EOC