ARPSC Meeting Minutes June 15, 2009

1)    Call to Order
a.    Meeting called to order @ 19:05 hrs by Tom (KC8NJK).
b.    23 present & introductions by all.
2)    Old Business
a.    FSD-212 passed around for review.
b.    RACES card standards and completion sheet passed around for all to review and to identify missing or incomplete required training.
c.    Skywarn feedback sheets given to Ben for review.
d.    No update on D-Star or MEPIN.
e.    New RACES cards being distributed to existing RACES card holders.  A one-for-one exchange.  New cards are blue.
f.    Wayne (W8QG) and Linda (K8LCC) will develop a needs list for the EOC.  The room has been extensively remodeled and organized.
g.    The monthly siren tests have gone very well with many participants.  Most of the warning sirens were monitored by our members.  Due to the holiday, LARPSC members will not officially monitor the July 4th test.   We will resume the siren test monitoring on the August 1 test.
h.    Ben (WX8BEN) is developing a place file to aid in Skywarn spotter locations on our maps used on GR Level 3 radar software in the EOC.
i.    Field units reporting 3rd party weather reports or reporting inaccurate weather service messages was discussed at length.  The EOC / Net Control is the official source for dissemination of weather information during a weather net.  Field units should only report local weather conditions according to the Skywarn training standards.   Net Control will not accept 3rd party weather reports.  Net Control has access to the NWS official weather statements and warnings and will use those for updating field personnel when appropiate.
3)    New Business
a.    Common Ground Festival operators / support / relief personnel are needed for all evenings. 
i.    4 Cameras
ii.    7 amateurs as a minimum to support the project each evening.
iii.    Monday, 7/6 through Sunday, 7/12
iv.    1 kit to be repaired by Jeff (KC8PUN)
v.    The new "Market Place" stage location will be next to the Fire Station.
vi.    Several pieces of test equipment were received from MSU that will help in alignment and operation of the video components in the system.
vii.    A sign up sheet passed around for all to volunteer time slots.  Tom (KC8NJK) to send e-mail out with open time slots after tonight's meeting.
b.    Bob (K8RDN) participated in a tabletop exercise with Ingham Co.
i.    Scenario was detailed and members / groups were given 15 minutes to develop a response for their agencies.
ii.    Contacting our members was reviewed.
iii.    Discussion followed on when we will be able to add more members to the Codespear notification software and who is currently in the list (AECs only at this time).
iv.    Tom (KC8NJK) asked about us developing our own tabletop exercise this fall to help us refine our processes.
c.    Ben (WX8BEN) is developing a new web site using Drupal software for content management.
d.    Dick (KI8C) was presented with the prestigious Ziegenbein award from CMARC.  Congratulations Dick!
e.    CMARC will participate in the ARRL Field Day in the 3A category.   Look at the CMARC web site for location and details of this major training and contest event for Amateur Radio.  Ron (WD8BCS) and John (KC8QZB) are co-chairs of this year's exercise.
4)    AEC Business
a.    Jeremiah (KC8EIA) passed around the list of events requesting Amateur Radio support.  Please look at the LARPSC web site for details and times.  Contact Jeremiah to volunteer for these events.
5)    Training
a.    It was time again to discuss the LARPSC leadership role and person to fill that role.  After open member discussion, we asked (i.e.; arm-twisting) Tom (KC8NJK) to continue in the role based upon his excellent (no debating this issue!) leadership in the past.  Tom accepted with the understanding he will miss a few meetings due to business commitments.   As Tom pointed out, our group has many leaders that can competently assume the leadership role in his absence.
6)    Adjournment
a.    Meeting adjourned at 20:40 hrs
b.    Next Meeting at Lansing EOC.