ARPSC Meeting Minutes May 19, 2008
Call to Order
  • The meeting was called to order at 19:05 hrs by Tom Shaver (KC8NJK) at the Lansing Fire Station #8 EOC.
  • 28 present & self-introductions by all in attendance.
Presentation on the CMEN System
  1. Mike Bayard (N8OBU) gave an excellent presentation of the Central Michigan Emergency Network (CMEN) and it's technical capabilities. It involves many repeaters interlinked in the central to eastern part of Michigan on 50, 144, 220, 440 and 900 MHz. It's large footprint provides excellent coverage to amateurs during times of emergency. The system is commonly used to communicate with the Detroit NWS during Skywarn events. Fred Moses (W8FSM) administers an excellent web site detailing the system at The system has the ability to link into the LCDRA 145.39 repeater with Mike's remote commands. Mike has installed a new 147.28 repeater and packet node at the David St. Tower (Old City of Lansing site) and has it linked back into his system.
Old Business
  1. If Jim Hannahs (KC8QWH) does not have your FEMA IS transcripts to, time is quickly running out. Official transcripts of previously taken classes are available at: . If you still need to take classes, please schedule them immediately. Several members have learned their background checks have been completed and 5 members indicated they are still waiting for the approval of their submitted background check. In July, Tom (KC8NJK) will need to collect RACES cards from members who have not complete their FEMA courses or submitted a background check. Please take the small amount of time necessary to complete these tasks!
  2. The Lansing / Ingham ARPSC logo is prominently displayed on our web site. You can order LARPSC embroidered shirts, jackets, vests at the June CMARC meeting when Dave Birdsley (KF8WS), B&B Embroidery will be at the meeting. Tom (KC8NJK) displayed an elaborate safety vest with the LARPSC emblems that he just purchased for around $45.00. Dave (KF8WS) will only accept garment orders with the LARPSC emblem orders from valid LARPSC members. Tom will be on hand at the meeting for the approval process.
  3. No update on the Ingham Co. EOC prox cards. As a side note, Mike Perez (N8OUN), Ingham Co. Sheriff Dept. will be retiring and Bob Ott will assume his duties.
  4. The D-Star repeater will be located at the City of Lansing Maintenance & Alarm tower. Bill Oberst still needs to provide final approval to the site.
  5. Preliminary ATV kits were available for inspection. Dennis (KB8ZQZ) continues to assemble the parts into complete units. These should be available for use at the Common Ground event.
  6. Kurt Niemeyer (KC8QYV) is heading up the ARPSC presentation at the CMARC Field Day for 2008. Gardner Middle School is confirmed as the Field Day Site.
    1. ATV - Dennis Boone
    2. Skywarn & live weather - Ben Holcomb
    3. PR by Bill Cote� (WD8NYW) & Don Mc Clain (KB8RAD)
    4. Jerry Waite (KD8GLN) indicated the Lansing area CERT will also come out and set up a display for the public at the field day site.
  7. No update on MEPIN. As a side note, Mike (N8OBU) has improved the grounding system at the David St. Tower as part of his new CMEN equipment. This will benefit the MEPIN system due to his hard work. Thanks Mike!
  8. No activity on the Fire Station #8 Radio Room remodel. Volunteers are welcome!
New Business
  1. It was time to elect our EC for the 2008/2009 term. All agreed Tom (KC8NJK) is the correct person for the job. Several commented in support of the excellent job he has done revitalizing the LARPSC. Tom accepted the position for the next year. Thanks for your leadership Tom!
  2. Field Day planning will be the main subject of interest at the June CMARC meeting. B&B Embroidery will also be there to take orders on shirts, jackets, hats, etc.
  3. Troy Creed (W8TCC) is the new AEC for Packet & APRS. Look for future information on these technologies as Troy learns about the systems and becomes our resource for the group. Welcome Troy!
  4. Don (KB8RAD) is coordinating the schedule for the Monday evening ARPSC net on 145.39 repeater until Rocky�s (K8DRB) health improves. Please check into the net and try your hand a passing a piece of traffic to one of the members. This is a low-pressure setting to help you work through the NTS messages or be the Net Control station. Contact Don (KB8RAD) to schedule a Monday evening as Net Control or Bob (K8RDN) for more information on handling traffic. Look for a future net session to be moved to a simplex frequency as a training tool on the capabilities of our stations.
  5. Wayne Conklin (W8QG) has 6 students in the General Class License classes. He will have a July test date.
  6. a)The ARRL EC-001, EC-002 and EC-003 Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Courses are another excellent source of information to the amateur radio operator responding to emergencies. These courses are primarily available as an on-line mentored course. Several LARPSC members will investigate teaching the courses locally with a VEC testing sessions for certifications. Look at the ARRL web site for more information regarding the on-line course schedules and possible classroom settings.
AEC Business (Acting Emergency Coordinator)
  1. EC ASSISTANTS (Those who will take charge if Tom Shaver - KC8NJK is unavailable
    1. Dennis Boone - KB8ZQZ
    2. Jim Hannahs - KC8QWH
    3. Dave Hayhurst - K8QH
  2. SKYWARN: Ben Holcomb - WX8BEN
    • Ben (WX8BEN) will be conducting a Radar class. Look for future details.
    • Jeremiah (KC8EIA) has 12 upcoming events needing support. Please support our community and sign up on the LARPSC web site for time slots when you can provide assistance.
    • Dennis (KB8ZQZ) got a good look at the new �Tiny Track� while at Dayton. Both the version 3 and version 4 have interesting possibilities for APRS. Fred Moses (W8FMS) is considering using one in the MS 150 to track a participant of the race that generates a lot of public interest due to his handicaps.
  5. WEB-MASTER: Ben Holcomb - WX8BEN
  6. NET CONTROL: Don McLain - KB8RAD
    • Don (KB8RAD) has assumed Net Control duties until Rocky�s health improves.
  7. TRAINING: Tom Shaver - KC8NJK
  8. MEDIA: Bill Cote - WD8NYW
    • Bill (WD8NYW) is always ready to help promote our public service activities to the media. Timely reporting of events is critical to the media. When an event occurs, call Bill as soon as possible and he can develop the media release.


Adjournment: 2102


NEXT MEETING: Monday June 16, Ingham County Sheriffs Department