ARPSC Meeting Minutes May 18, 2009

1)    Call to Order
a)    Meeting called to order at 19:05hrs by Dennis (KB8ZQZ).
b)    19 members present.
2)    Old Business
a)    D-Star equipment has arrived and is in the EOC radio room.
b)    Dennis (KB8ZQZ) looked for a suitable transceiver for the MEPIN station at Dayton but did not find one for the system.  No other updates.
c)    13 storm sirens were visual and audibly verified during the May 2 test.   The siren on Haslett road was not verified.
d)    New blue colored State of Michigan RACES cards are available for those with current cards.   Cards will be distributed on a one-for-one basis after the meeting.
e)    The MMCSU exercise went well.  John (KB8QJC), Wayne (W8QG) and Linda (K8LCC) participated in the drill.  Linda was the only person who accurately copied (100%!) all the chemical names during the exercise.  
3)    New Business
a)    As a result of the MMCSU exercise, Chief Dave Harper (KD8JBJ), Meridian Township has offered to conduct a 4 hours Hazmat awareness class for the LARPSC members.   Dennis will request Tom (KC8NJK) follow up on details.
b)    Chief Harper has offered to have one or two of the MMCSU trailers at the Field Day site for casual tours.
c)    Dennis will conduct a foxhunt as a training exercise for the CMARC Field Day.
d)    No official details on the 2009 Common Ground.   The City Market is supposed to be torn down by then and the smaller stage may be relocated next to the Fire Station.  More details will be available at the next meeting.   Dennis will follow up on a way to sign up volunteers for the nightly duties.   Jeff (KC8PUN) will repair one of the ATV units prior to deployment.
e)    Chief Bill Woodward, MSU Police sent a thank-you letter to LARPCS.  He was impressed with the abilities of the LARPSC group and would like to request future services during the football games.
f)    The Swine Flu is no longer a major threat and has become a quiet issue.
g)    Bob (K8RDN) will be at the June 15th Ingham Co. Table Top Exercise representing the LARPSC.
4)    AEC Business/Meeting Report
a)    Dave (K8QH) reminds everyone to submit After Action Reports when participating in an exercise as a way to help develop our skills and responses.
b)    Several volunteer opportunities - CF walk occurs on 6/7.  Sign up on the web site or contact Jeremiah (KC8EIA).
c)    Monday night net continues to have good training.  Contact Don (KB8RAD) to schedule a net control or training session.
d)    Bill (WD8NYW) has made several media contacts regarding the monthly siren tests for our community.
5)    Training
a)    Linda reviewed the new EOC operations manual that is in the EOC radio room.  It provides computer information, phone numbers, log sheets, Net protocols and other important information.   Linda passed out and reviewed a document that details the start up and operational process for a Skywarn net activation.
6)    Adjournment
a)    Meeting adjourned at 20:11hrs