ARPSC Meeting Minutes April 21, 2008
Call to Order
  • Tom - KC8NJK
Old Business
  1. All FEMA certificates and Background checksJim Hannahs (KC8QWH) was unable to attend the meeting. So KC8NJK simply thanked all those that have done such a nice job getting your certificates in and accounted for. And those of you still working on them, thanks for communicating, and letting me know.
  2. ARPSC LogoWOW! What a great logo our group has. KC8NJK passed around the new logo! Thanks so much to Guy Swann (KC8SLJ) for the original creation, Terri Shaver (Tom’s wife) for all her work getting configured in Photoshop and David Birdsley at B&B Embroidery for doing such a beautiful job having it digitized. Dave & Shirley from B&B Embroidery will be on hand with all their hats, shirts, jackets, etc. during the June CMARC meeting. IMPORTANT NOTE: THIS LOGO WILL ONLY BE AVAILABLE TO THOSE WHO HAVE A VALID RACES CARD!
  3. Ingham County PROX Cards for EOCNo Ingham County PROX Cards are yet available. Sgt. Mike Perez was unable to attend the meeting because he was attending his wife’s birthday party. Happy Birthday Ester!
  4. District One D-STAR ProjectLivingston County now has their D-STAR repeater up and working. Ingham County now has a call sign for our D-STAR system, but is still waiting for coordination to be approved.
  5. Skywarn Class March 29th at LCC (Evaluations)All the Skywarn Class Evaluations were passed around for inspection. Also, (KC8NJK) passed out a Summary of all the evaluations. This can be downloaded at .
  6. Amateur Television (ATV) New Equipment in 2008Dennis (KB8ZQZ) reported that all the new ATV equipment is now in, except for one piece. All of this equipment still needs to be assembled before it can be used. If you are interested in being a part of the crew to not only assemble these new rigs, but also install the old rigs in cases. Please contact Dennis (KB8ZQZ). We would like to have all these finished in time to be tested during Field Day in June!
  7. ARPSC "Field Day" VolunteersKurt (KC8QYV) is organizing this year’s event for the Lansing/Ingham ARPSC, in cooperation with CMARC. Kurt needs your help!!! If you have ideas or would like to offer your assistance, please contact him soon!
  8. MEPINThere is nothing further to report tonight.
  9. City of Lansing EOC Communications Room RemodelThere is nothing further to report tonight.
New Business
  1. CMARC Report
    1. CMARC President Erv Bates (W8ERV) was on hand to deliver this exciting information himself.
    2. CMARC now has a total of 136 members, as of 4/14/08.  This is up from 98 members at the beginning of this year.
    3. CMARC is planning a Technician Class ASAP, to accommodate the nearly 30 who expressed an interest at the recent SKYWARN Class in March.
    4. Once again, more than 1000 have visited our website at already this month!  This outlines the importance of our site as an information 'clearing house', because it draws in members and prospective Hams alike.
    5. Field Day planning is coming along, with John Hosford (KC8QZB) at the helm.  John is still looking for volunteers; so if you are interested in helping, contact him at 517-699-2540.
  2. AEC Meeting Report Tom (KC8NJK) read the Minutes from the last AEC Strategic Planning Meeting. Please take a moment to download them at:
  3. The City of Lansing has purchased a new Kanopy Tent. Information regarding this was passed around. The tent is being stored at the Lansing EOC and can be used whenever we wish.
  4. Troy Creed, new AEC for Packet & APRS Troy was not able to be on hand for the meeting. However, after his retirement in May, he believes he will have some time to devote to helping the group with its digital modes. Thanks Troy!!!
  5. Because of continued health issues Rocky (K8DRB) has passed the torch for overseeing the Monday Night Net’s to Don (KB8RAD). Thank you Don for taking this on for all of us! However, conducting the Monday Night Net is intended to be training Net. So please contact Don and volunteer to run the Net in order that you can have an opportunity to learn and grow in this area. Also, please forward any ideas or suggestions you may have for the Net to Don.
  6. Wayne (K8QG) has prepared a General Class curriculum for anyone interested in upgrading from Technician to General Class. If you or someone you know is interested, contact Wayne for more information.
  7. Mike Bayard (N8OBU) will be on hand during our next meeting (May 19th at the Lansing EOC) to explain what the Central Michigan Emergency Network (CMEN) is and what it can do for us in the future. Mike has accomplished a lot of work and the tools he is offering us to use in an emergency are many. Please make a point of being on hand to hear about the CMEN system.


AEC Business (Acting Emergency Coordinator)


  1. EC ASSISTANTS (Those who will take charge if Tom Shaver - KC8NJK is unavailable
    1. Dennis Boone - KB8ZQZ
      • Ron (WD8BCS) was on hand tonight for "Show & Tell". Ron brought his new APRS Micro-Trak transmitter to demonstrate how it works. It is a very interesting and inexpensive way to get started in the ATV mode. Please feel free to contact Ron for more information. Also, we may be able to get some information on our website soon regarding these units.
      • Bob (K8RDN) is building ATV directional antennas. More to follow
    2. Jim Hannahs - KC8QWH
    3. Dave Hayhurst - K8QH
  2. SKYWARN: Ben Holcomb - WX8BEN
    • Ben (WX8BEN) needs your help! If you are interested in being a Skywarn Net Control Operator, please contact Ben and let him know. Thanks!!!
    • Many events need your help! Jeremiah (KC8EIA) has a list of Public Service needs. Feel free to see what is available and how to sign up at:
  5. WEB-MASTER: Ben Holcomb - WX8BEN
  6. NET CONTROL: Dennis "Rocky" Beckner - K8DRB
  7. TRAINING: Tom Shaver - KC8NJK
  8. MEDIA: Bill Cote - WD8NYW
    • Bill (WD8NYW) needs to know what is happening in order to write meaningful media news releases. If you are aware of something that is happening, please contact Bill and let him know the facts.


Adjournment: 2115


NEXT MEETING: Monday May 19, City of Lansing EOC