ARPSC Meeting Minutes April 20, 2009

1.    Call to Order
a.    Meeting called to order @ 19:03 hrs by Dennis (KB8ZQZ)
b.    18 members present
2.    Old Business
a.    D-Star equipment was picked up by LFD and is at the LFD EOC.
i.    Dave (K8GVK) advised Clinton Co. equipment also received.
ii.    No frequency coordination yet for the UHF repeater.
b.    No update or activity on the MEPIN equipment
c.    Troy (W8TCC) and Dave (K8GVK) worked on the Clinton Co. Packet station.   A new power supply was obtained and updated software will be installed before returning to the Clinton Co. Sheriff Dept.
3.    New Business
a.    After Action Report from the East Lansing / MSU celebrations surrounding the Final Four / NCAA Championship events presented by Dave (K8QH).   No major issues noted but several compliments on the deployment and feedback from the served agencies.
b.    Bob (K8RDN) passed around the list of equipment donated by the Henry Lewandowski family that will be donated to the developing Amateur Radio Club at Holt High School.
c.    Ben (WX8BEN) is working on a new management content program for the LARPSC web site.  This will permit members the ability to update areas of the web site as assigned.
d.    Lansing is having it's 150th Celebration this spring.  Discussion followed on a possible station or float for the parade.   The celebration falls on the same weekend as Dayton Hamvention.  Consensus was to pass on any activities related to the celebration.
4.    AEC Business / Meeting Report
a.    Discussion followed on an updated (blue) RACES card now being the current card.   Send Jim (KC8QWH) the required certifications for RACES cards if you are missing documents.
b.    Don (KB8RAD) passed around a signup sheet for Monday night training nets.  Net schedule is posted on the web site.  Contact Don to volunteer for positions.
c.    March of Dimes, 4/25 and MS Walk on 5/3 are still looking for volunteers.   Sign up on the LARPSC web site.
d.    An information stand is planned for the CMARC Field Day site.
5.    Adjournment
a.    Meeting adjourned at 19:44 hrs.