ARPSC AEC Strategic Planning Meeting Minutes for March 26, 2008
Vision: To build a coordinated resource of trained communicators, infrastructure and capabilities to assist our community by providing emergency and supplemental communications.

Mission Statement: The Lansing / Ingham ARPSC will establish a voluntary organization of competent communicators with enhanced capabilities and a resilient infrastructure to support the community. This will be accomplished through, planning, recruitment, training and professionalism.

Strategic Planning Goals for One Year
  1. Build upon our current organization of volunteer communicators in such a way that we would be operationally prepared to assist the City of Lansing & Ingham County with their emergency communications needs.
    • Create a network of support operators organized in such a way as to be support during a crisis, called the "RACES Reserve Corps"
    • Create Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) with neighboring jurisdictions, programs, other Amateur Radio groups, etc.
  2. Seek a higher degree of competency with current capabilities while striving to keep up with newer technologies in order to enhance our future capabilities.
    • Identify the needed documentation of operational procedures and technical certification issues.
    • Write the documentation for existing operational and technical procedures that we use.
    • Identify modes (that we use) where an internal certification could be created and maintained for operational use.
  3. Improve upon our infrastructure in such a way as to create a more resilient communication support structure for the City & County.
    • Inventory and document all existing equipment.
    • Finish ATV, APRS & MEPIN projects.
    • Identify potential new services (emerging or existing technologies) that would be a benefit to our community.
  4. While attempting to learn from past experiences, and anticipating future needs, we will create plans to support our development.
    • Document lessons learned and make appropriate changes.
    • Identify & prioritize operational guides needed.
  5. Recruitment: We will seek to double our size during the next year.
    • Encourage everyone to bring a friend.
    • Identify a marketing plan.
    • Publish our achievements.
  6. It will be our aspiration to increase our level of training, certifications and professionalism individually, as well as a team.
    • Create a Code of Conduct / Professionalism
    • Develop a list of potential classes / courses that members may consider, i.e., IS, State, FEMA, Red Cross, Continuing Education, etc.
Where are we now and what are we doing?
  • Public Service
    • Common Ground
    • Field Day 2008
    • Other summer events
  • Equipment & Technology
    • ATV
    • New Equipment
    • Configure old equipment in new boxes
    • ATV Repeater
    • New equipment
    • Repeater Location
    • Tactical Call Signs
  • APRS
    • Purchase new mobile trackers
    • Configure (4 existing) mobile trackers
  • Packet
    • We really need a champion for this effort (Troy Creed)
    • Organize and test current equipment
    • Current Status?
  • Equipment inventory
    • Need a complete equipment inventory (City & County)
    • Create equipment guidelines/checklists (laminated cards)
  • HF/Code
    • Mobile HF
  • Net Control
    • Net Control Guidelines
    • Weekly ARPSC NET (simplex night)
    • Create a local repeater/frequency guide
    • Message traffic handling
  • Skywarn
    • Spotter Training
    • Spotter Maps (Divisions)
    • Spotter Guidelines
    • Radar Standards/Training
  • Media
    • Need to be proactive about marketing ourselves through the media
  • Administrative
    • Monthly Meetings
    • Quarterly AEC Strategic Planning Meetings
    • Recruitment (RACES Reserve)
    • Code Spear
    • ARPSC Web-Site
    • Exercises (SET)
    • CMARC Liaison
    • LCDRA Liaison
    • Lansing/Ingham Communication Rooms organization
    • Emergency Plans/Guidelines/Checklists
    • Training
    • New logo
    • FSD-212
    • FEMA Certificates
    • ARRL Liaison

Next Meeting date: Thursday, June 26th, 2008

Submitted by:
T.A. Shaver, PEM
ARPSC E.C. Lansing/Ingham County