ARPSC Meeting Minutes February 18, 2008
Call to Order
  • Tom - KC8NJK at 19:03
  • 25 in attendance with introductions by each person.
  • Christine Hendrickson, ICSD and Trent Atkins & Mike Tobin, City of Lansing EMD attending.
  • Meeting Agenda, Monthly FSD-212, and Attendance sheet passed around to all
Old Business
  1. Several members still do not have a valid City of Lansing ID card. Trent Atkins, (KD8HQB) Lansing EMD will bring the camera to the next meeting at Station 8. A valid background check is required and the form is available on the LARPSC web site.
  2. All folders with the FEMA certificates were brought to the meeting tonight for verification of required classes. The log sheet with member’s certification was passed around for review. If you have taken a class but no longer have your transcripts, you may request them at: The transcripts are mandatory to retain your RACES card. If you have not completed the required classes, contact Tom Shaver by phone or e-mail to update him on your plans to complete the on-line classes. IS-2 may be substituted for IS-22. The classes are not optional! Please don't jeopardize your RACES card by missing these classes.
  3. Several LARPSC logo designs were passed around for review. Several received multiple "stars" as our members evaluated the logos.
  4. The weekly LARPSC net is going well. Typically 9-16 persons check into each net and several persons have assumed Net Control duties. As the net matures, the length will be shortened.
  5. Ingham Co. Sheriff Dept. is installing the door locks and PROX readers for access to the Mason ICSD EOC. Mike Perez’s (N8OUN) office will contact the selected LARPSC members for PROX card photos when the equipment is installed.
  6. Dennis (KB8ZQZ) sent an e-mail to Jeff Kludy, City of Lansing Radio Lab requesting a time to meet and discuss possible locations for the new D-Star repeater. Several pieces of equipment have arrived and were sent to Livingston Co. for configuration.
  7. No update to the EAS policies at the recent meeting.
  8. Dennis (KB8ZQZ) and Dave (K8QH) will continue to work on the MEPIN station installation. Once basic installation is complete, limited-paging functions could begin using the 2-meter input. Dennis is still planning on a donated Delta radio (from John Imeson, N8JI) for use as a UHF link radio.
  9. We are unable to purchase new furniture under the grant funding. Some limited funds are available to still keep the project moving. Tom (KC8NJK), Ben (WX8BEN), Bob (K8RDN) and Curt (KC8QYV) volunteered to start the remodel project.
New Business
  1. 77 have registered for the March 29th Skywarn training at the LCC west campus. 20 of the 77 are not licensed amateur radio operators. Bill (WD8NYW), Curt (KC8QYV), Dave (K8QH), Tom (KC8NJK), Jim (KC8QWH) and Ginny (KD8HPG) have offered to help Ben (WX8BEN) with the registration and paperwork duties the day of the training. Bill (WD8NYW) will write a press release and distribute to the media outlets. Walk-ins will be accepted if space is available. Jim has the previous list of SkyWarn graduates and issued ID numbers.
  2. Rob Dale (N8GSK), WLNS TV Meteorologist will be the speaker at the next Central Michigan Amateur Radio Club meeting on March 7th.
  3. Ben (WX8BEN) continues to develop the LARPSC database. This database will be available to Lansing/Ingham ARPSC leadership, as well as City & County Emergency Management to aid in responding to service requests. As an example, the database will contain information commonly found in QRZ, VanityHQ, and FCC licenses. It will also include FEMA certifications, equipment resources, SkyWarn number, etc. Dennis (KB8ZQZ) will be an alternate database administrator during the development stage.
  4. Several pieces of new ATV equipment have arrived. 2 existing kits will receive upgraded cameras and cases. 1 new 902 MHz kit will be assembled. Several pieces of equipment must still be purchased. Mike Hamel, Lansing EMD has been very patient and helpful with the purchase process for the equipment. Work will begin on the video kits later this spring pending work on the MEPIN project.
  5. Several ideas for a LARPSC display at the CMARC Field Day site were discussed. ATV was a popular idea along with other digital modes. We are still looking for someone to head up the project. This is an excellent opportunity to show some of our abilities to our fellow amateurs, general public and visiting dignitaries without competing or drawing away from the CMARC Field Day activities. Trent (KD8HQB), Lansing EMD, offered to provide portable restrooms for the Field Day site.
  6. The next AEC meeting is scheduled for March 26th at 6:00pm. The meeting will be held at Fire Station #8.
  7. Dave (KC8ZGZ) made a presentation on the Michigan Volunteer Defense Force More information is available at the web site or by contacting Dave.
  8. Dennis (KB8ZQZ) and Jim Hannahs (KC8QWH) reviewed and wrote our first After Action Review report (#2007-1). The report was distributed to the members in the room and discussed. AAR reviews will be done by AEC’s on a rotating basis.
  9. Bill (WD8NYW) stressed the importance of good press releases. Contact Bill, our Media representative when you observe a significant event that should be published to our community. An example would be the audio link found on the LARPSC web site or frequencies for a scanner that the general population could listen to during severe weather events. For press releases to be effective, they must be timely and provide a concise message. Consideration must be given when multiple agencies are involved to provide a consistent and clear message. Bill will write and distributed our press releases.


AEC Business (Acting Emergency Coordinator)


  1. EC ASSISTANTS (Those who will take charge if Tom Shaver - KC8NJK is unavailable
    1. Clint Hannahs - KC8EHR
    2. Dennis Boone - KB8ZQZ
    3. Jim Hannahs - KC8QWH
    4. Dave Hayhurst - K8QH
  2. SKYWARN: Ben Holcomb - WX8BEN
  5. WEB-MASTER: Ben Holcomb - WX8BEN
  6. NET CONTROL: Dennis "Rocky" Beckner - K8DRB
  7. TRAINING: Tom Shaver - KC8NJK
  8. MEDIA: Bill Cote - WD8NYW


Adjournment: 2115