ARPSC Meeting Minutes February 16, 2009

Call to Order

  • Meeting called to order at 19:06 hrs by Dennis Boone (KB8ZQZK)
  • 15 members in attendance, 2 visitors

Old Business

  1. No update on D-Star. Discussion followed on the deployment of D-Star within Michigan and several persons noted D-Star equipment is now appearing on eBay.
  2. No activity on MEPIN due to lack of time.
  3. Two sirens in Meridian were tested this month but the Delhi sirens remain off-line. Dave (KD8JBB) advised they are changing the signaling format to resolve the interference that was activating the sirens. March's siren test will occur during the Skywarn training so there may be a limited number of persons available for monitoring.
  4. No update on printing the Lansing ID cards. We're still being told the printer is broken.

New Business


  1. Ben (WX8BEN) has been identifying StormSpotter locations in Ingham, Clinton and Eaton Co. but has not completed the list.
  2. Tom (KC8NJK) and Dennis (KB8ZQZ) submitted a "wish list" to Trent Atkins. Initial observation would indicate the funds may no longer be available but we will wait for feedback from Trent.
  3. The Monday ARPSC nets continue to go well. 3/23 and 3/30 are still open. Contact Don (KB8RAD) to schedule a NCS or training session.
  4. Jim (KC8QWH) and Kurt (KC8QYV) attended an abbreviated "Damage Assessment" class taught by MSP EMD. A training manual was passed around for all to review
  5. 5 persons volunteered to bring wireless laptops to the Skywarn training for registration similar to last year. Dennis (KB8ZQZ) to contact Ben (WX8BEN) regarding final preparations. Over 165 persons have registered for the training session. The class capacity is set at 200.

AEC Business

  1. Jim (KC8QWH) reported Tom is under pressure to revoke the RACES cards of members who've not completed the required training.
  2. Jeremiah (KC8EIA) will send out a list of upcoming Public Service events. Please watch your e-mail box and the LARPSC web site.
  3. Bill (WD8NYW) discussed the news release he's written for the Skywarn training. After discussion in the room, it was decided to not distribute the news release. The number of open chairs for the training is few and word was received that Rob Dale will probably make a comment on his weather cast regarding the class which will probably produce more interested persons than available class seats.
  4. Troy (W8TCC) discussed splitting the APRS and Packet duties to avoid APRS being minimized while he continues to work on getting Packet up and stable. No one offered to take over the APRS activity at this time. Troy is working to keep the Packet station in service at the Clinton Co. Sheriff Dept. The equipment belongs to QMN. He is working on a way to transfer it from one 501C organization to another organization.

Adjournment: 1945


Bob (K8RDN) gave a report on the State EOC amateur radio station and facilities. He noted there are several state nets for the purpose of moving traffic around the state. During the last Michigan QSO party he manned the CW station while someone else ran HF. With only 5 hours of contesting, they placed 3rd in the state using the EOC station! John (WB8RCR), ARRL Michigan Section Emergency Coordinator continues to work on improving the capabilities of the station.

NEXT MEETING: Monday March 16th, 2009 at the Lansing E.O.C.