ARPSC Meeting Minutes January 19, 2009
Call to Order
  • Meeting called to order at 19:08 hrs by Tom Shaver (KC8NJK)
  • 18 members in attendance
  • Introductions by all
Old Business
  1. No update on D-STAR project
  2. No activity on MEPIN. Trying to schedule work in February.
  3. 2 sirens were monitored on January tests. Delhi sirens off line pending resolution of false activations.
  4. Tom (KC8NJK), Jon (KC8QJC) and Dave (KD8JBB) participated in the MMCSU exercise. Our notification was at the last minute and the scope of our involvement was not well defined.
New Business
  1. Tom (KC8NJK) will review the certifications and start the process to retract RACES cards of members who have not met the minimum requirements.
  2. Bob Ott, ICSD, is searching for a grant to relocate the radios in the ICSD EOC. We are hoping Bob can attend one of the evening meetings at the ICSD.
  3. The Monday night training net at 19:00 hrs is going well. The new net format is only 25 to 45 minutes in duration and includes training. Contact Don (KB8RAD) to schedule Net Control operator or provide training (of your choice) to the net.
  4. Tom (KC8NJK) will schedule an AEC meeting. General consensus was a Tuesday evening.
  5. ICSD conducting a Damage Assessment class on 2/3/09 with a limited number of seats. Tom (KC8NJK) and Ron (WD8BCS) to attend the class.
AEC Business
  1. SKYWARN - Ben (WX8BEN) has the web site up and running for registration. It was suggested we contact local EM officials and offer them seats prior to all seats prior to being offered to the general public. Skywarn training is 3/7 @ 10:00am to 2:00 pm.
  2. Packet & APRS - Troy (W8TCC) working on getting the packet stations back in operation. A training session was requested using active equipment to help members understand the operation of our packet station equipment. Active stations are:
    1. Jon (KC8QJC) - St. Johns
    2. Clinton Co. EOC @ the Sheriff's Dept. (QMN group owns the equipment)
    3. Troy (W8TCC) - Lansing
    4. Tom (KC8NJK) - Laingsburg
    5. Lansing EOC (WC8LAN)
Adjournment: 2008
Ben Holcomb (WX8BEN) provided a live GRLevel 3 training in the EOC

NEXT MEETING: Monday Februrary 16th, 2009 at the Ingham County E.O.C.