Meeting Schedule

2018 Lansing ARPSC Schedule Meetings are held the third Monday of each month at 1900 hours alternating between the Lansing EOC and the Sheriff's Department. All amateur radio operators (or even non operators that are interested in becoming operators) are welcome to join us at any meeting. Directions can be found beneath the schedule table!

**Note: All meetings are at the Lansing EOC, Fire Station 48,  until further notice!**


Month Day Location
January 15 **No Meeting**
February 19 **No Meeting**
March 19 Lansing EOC
April 16 Lansing EOC
May 21 Lansing EOC
June 18 Lansing EOC
July 16 Lansing EOC
August 20 Lansing EOC
September 17 Lansing EOC
October 15 Lansing EOC
November 19 Lansing EOC
December 17 Lansing EOC

You can find directions to the EOC and Sheriff's Department here: Lansing EOC - Fire Station 8 (815 Marshall St in Lansing):

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Ingham EOC - Ingham County Sheriff's Office (off Curtis Road in Mason): 
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