Lansing/Ingham County ARPSC Mailing List Information

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What is a mailing list?

A mailing list is a list of people's names and addresses that is used to send certain messages or announcements to many people at once, who are usually expected to share a common interest in the contents of the message -- just like in the real world. However, unlike in the real world, you can usually join and leave the list as you see fit, so there is a good chance that you will actually find at least some of the messages interesting. In fact, electronic mailing lists are more like clubs or magazines than a "real world" mailing list.

You may be familiar with the term "reflector", which means essentially the same thing as "mailing list".

The ARPSC list is operated using the LISTSERV software. Postings to the list are archived for posterity. Access to the notebooks of archived postings is restricted to subscribers. You can search or browse through the archived postings, and establish and manage your subscription, using a web interface or e-mail. Subscriptions are open, but new subscribers are not able to post until vetted by a list administrator, to prevent spamming. Non-subscribers cannot post at all.

What lists are available?

Lansing/Ingham County ARPSC operates the following mailing lists:

ARPSC    General discussions

This address is the list address, to which postings must be sent.

How can I subscribe?

By e-mail:

Compose a new e-mail message to:

This address is the server address, to which commands must be sent. In the body of the message place the command:

subscribe listname yourfirstname yourlastname

Except use your first and last names in place of the words "yourfirstname" and "yourlastname". In place of "listname" use the list name from the table above.

Using a web browser:

Visit the subscription page at:

Confirmation: The ARPSC lists are set to require confirmation of subscriptions. A confirmation code is e-mailed to the e-mail address you supplied on the web page, or which LISTSERV extracted from the headers of your e-mail message. You must follow the instructions in the confirmation message to complete the subscription process. This prevents subscription spamming, and typos.

How do I post?

Send your message to the e-mail address listed in the "what lists are available" section above.

How do I search the archives?

Visit the list search page at:

Who provides this service?

H-Net Humanities and Social Sciences On-line at MSU operates the server. The ARPSC lists (and the rest of the H-Net servers) are managed by Dennis Boone, KB8ZQZ. Amidst the 400+ lists and hundreds of thousands of deliveries per day, the ARPSC traffic is completely invisible. Therefore, it was no problem to get H-Net management to agree to host the ARPSC lists.