ARPSC Meeting November 21, 2016

11-21-16 Meeting Notes @ Lansing EOC

Silver Bells – Camera one is a little glitchy.  There were some issues with the camera and the cables, though this camera will be inspected in the future.  Camera 2 worked very well throughout the entire event.  This camera and location have proven valuable in terms of quality and zooming ability.  Ethernet cables are going to be tested to make sure that they are in good working order.  Not working cables will be discarded / replaced as needed.  New monitors in the Silver Bells Command Center are HDMI, and new hardware is being developed for this.  Using a switch and software has been proposed for the camera deployments end and this feasibility will be examined.

Veteran’s Day Parade – Used FLDigi and were able to change mode and make the messages work.  The spreadsheet was converted to a CSV and sent via digital.

There is a 501c3 being setup for Lansing / Ingham APRSC with a P-card.

Skywarn training planning will be upcoming.  The ELPD might be interested in attending.

Equipment wish list – make sure that ideas have been emailed to Dennis Boone. 

Common Ground will be 4 days next year – Thursday - Sunday.

Testing radios in the Fire Stations – There are eight stations in Lansing -- and we could work on testing out these in two different meetings (proposed for February and March).  

No meeting in December and possibly January – please check your email about next meeting.

Christmas Party with CERT 6:30pm December 16th.

Bike / Hike for Hospice – the first meeting for this event will be in February.