ARPSC Meting November 20, 2017

11-20-17 ARPSC Meeting Notes @ Lansing EOC

Fire Station Ham Radios --A test radio will be programmed with the frequencies and then put on all the radios in our local fire stations and the 911 center. This will allow all of our Dual Band radios to have the same memory channels. This should help in communication between the Fire Stations and the EOCs.

Silver Bells

-Capitol National Bank had one video feed up, and with a node put up we were able to get three feeds up.
-We were setup on the Capitol Lawn as well this year. This location felt the most exposed and required extra vigilance. There were a couple of trip hazards identified that could be remedied in the future by moving closer to the light pole the station was next to (the pole had ground level power which was helpful). It was discussed that we could possibly add city hall back with the lawn unit.
-The 3.4 GHz Nano Stations worked well (better than the previously deployed Nano Stations).
-South end worked well. A little more elevation would have helped. Could possibly use another PTZ camera at this location.
-It would be nice to have equipment (Lansing purchased) put onto LCC to help with network coverage during future deployments.
-Jeff put spares cables and parts into the ATV Kits to help in case of a mechanical failure of cables and other materials. This was well received, especially because it would be difficult or impossible to get spare parts to stations during the event.

Veterans Day Parade Mason --There was about 14 hours of preparation for this event. During the event the communications didn’t come up and information was relayed by foot. The parade announcers didn’t remember their microphone, so there was no way to broadcast the information.

Friday the 8th -- Christmas celebration (Polish National Home) -- Let Jim know if you are planning to attend.

Skywarn -- There is no use of the church (it’s $125 with $125 deposit). We are looking for a new place. Suggestions are welcome to Mike WX8MH or Dan WX8MOJ. Holt Public Schools might be a place to look into. (Holt HS is one of the shelter in place locations).

District 1 trailers -- The District 1 trailers being looked at for an upgrade with D-Star radios.

Meetings -- There will be no meetings until March (unless something comes up); the next few months do not have any events. The next event is Skywarn that usually takes place in March / April. If you feel like there is need for a meeting, get with Jim or Randy. If you have any ideas for objectives for the next year, let Jim know. Some ideas discussed were more training for deploying the trailers (labelling breakers, smaller deployable antennas), Common Ground 3.4 GHz development, etc), programming the radios, etc.

Help Needed! -- It was discussed that we need more people helping out with activations, trainings, and events so that we have more people helping out (to lighten the load), more individuals will have the appropriate knowledge and so that we can be better prepared with our equipment and field deployment. Many counties don’t have a lot of volunteers and if there were a large scale disaster, they would be overwhelmed. In these cases we might be called in for help (which is why the SOG is being developed by Randy). There are a lot of hams in the area, but the ARPSC members will need to lead any response that needs to employ Hams. The more people that we have trained and are a part of RACES, the easier this will be during a large or long term deployment.

Puerto Rico -- 50 teams of two were dispatched after Maria to help communications. The communications were invaluable. Ham Radio offered much of the communication in the days and weeks after Hurricane Maria hit.

Go kit boxes can be purchased at Sam’s Club they are similar to a pelican case.

Field Day -- Ron will not be Field Day chair this coming year. Help with Skywarn activations throughout the year might be needed too.