ARPSC Meeting Minutes Monday November 19, 2012

11-19-12 Meeting Minutes @ Lansing EOC

Hours: Make sure to turn in your hours (email to Tom Shaver with CC to Jim Hannahs).

Silver Bells: Estimated at 110,000 in attendance with many lost kids / parents. There were some issues with the reception or the signal. There have been cameras added for Silver Bells focused on potential problem areas. Signal issues are due to buildings and few network drops. This is an RF engineering problem to be looked into. Cameras could use some upgrading. Funding opportunities are being explored.

Veterans Day Parade: There were complications in the timing of the event. There were four operators working the event.

MSU Games: ATV operation has been setup in three different locations. The time to get signal received has become less.

December Meeting: Unless something comes up, there will be no meeting.

January Meeting (1-21-13): There will not be a meeting, but there will be training for using Web EOC. The meeting will start at 6pm.

Trunk Sales: Julie has submitted paperwork to the ARRL for Saturday July 27th at the same location with a $3 admission for attendees. Food will be sold for this trunk swap.

Skywarn: Teams will continue next year, keeping leads for the different weeks but possible changes to those available for working at the EOCs. NWS GRR will be taking reservations for the weather talks in January (look into Green vs White game and Marshall to avoid conflicts).

ATV Kits: Jim Greiner will be working on getting the kits groomed.

Lansing Marathon (4-21-13): There might be two days of need because of the races being separated. There is a need of about 20 amateur radio operators. RACES will be required for any EOC work, other operators would be operating under the supervision of Emergency Coordinator and will operate under ARPSC rules and procedures. We will be working with CERT to have a partner at each site.

Background Checks: Background checks will be re-assessed for members on a rotating basis.

Increasing Membership: It would greatly help spread the workload and prevent burnout by getting more members and more individuals RACES certified. The classes are needed and there are certain functions that can use help from HAMs without RACES certification.