ARPSC Meeting Minutes Monday October 20, 2014

ARPSC Meeting Minutes 10-20-14 @ Ingham ICSO


Volunteer Time – make sure to submit the time to Jim, as well as the time that you use to prepare for events (especially for planning and setup if you are an organizer). Also, make sure to submit your individual hours to the ARRL.


ATV Kits – Kits have been groomed and are set to go. There are new tripods that have come in from the City of Lansing (make sure to grab new tripods and not the old ones upon deployment). Old broken ones are there as spares. During grooming ATV Kit 91 showed some damage on the camera that just missed the lens. Please be careful with the equipment to help prevent damage and to ensure long life for the equipment. Be very careful with the new IP cameras – especially of things like rings when putting it together. The dome is acrylic and can scratch the dome permanently on the picture. There are gloves to help in keeping the dome clean for the IP cameras.


Volunteer Picnic – Last Thursday about 20 volunteers gathered for the picnic. During the picnic there were several awards handed out. Volunteer of the year is a shared between CERT and the ARPSC. CERT's leadership award went to Henry Hoadley. Jerry Waite and Bob Berger received certificates for APRSC. John Tyree received the ARPSC Leadership award for this past year.


Technology Work-group – Randy W, Dan B, John T, Jim G will meet to determine the list of priorities for technology including cameras, computers, adapters, etc.


Skywarn Class – We are presently working with LCC to nail down possible dates. The NWS has approached us with two possible dates in March, so we should know much earlier than usual when our date is, so that we can advertise the training for longer than we are use to. Skywarn recognition day is December 6th. This is a day when Amateur Radio Operators work other hams at the NWS offices to contact others (get times). Information is available at


Michigan MSU game volunteering – This next Saturday our help has been requested again for help with Volunteer Check-In.


Active Members – Members who don't attend meetings or volunteer at events will be taken off of the active list and may not get updated ARPSC cards when they are renewed. The Emergency Managers want to make sure that the list of active members are participating in the meetings and events.


Silver Bells (Nov 21) – There is a request to have a camera up at Lenawee and Washington. Site surveys will be needed to figure out how to get signal back to Fire Station #1. Camera location requests will be ironed out so that the site surveys can be finalized and conducted.


Special Olympics – If you are interested in volunteering for Special Olympics, get a hold of Jim for more information.


December Meeting. Due to Jim being out of town for this meeting, Randy will be in charge of