ARPSC Meeting October 17, 2016

10-17-16 Meeting Notes @ Ingham EOC

None of the badges worked to get in, but later Jim found out that there was a lightning issue at the Sheriff’s office and they will get it fixed.

There was a moment of silence for Jim Harvey and Ginny’s dad.

Jim Hannahs reported on the recent health problems and hospitalization that he had.

The Silver Bells sign up sheet went around.

Jim Griener will check the ATV kits.

We reviewed the things that need to be done to the D1 trailer.  Those items were sent to Mike Tobin after our September meeting and training on the D1 trailer.

Jim H said that we probably will not have meetings in December, & January.

There was discussion about the Kenwood radio in the D1 trailer.  We have a radio to put in the trailer since the Kenwood cannot be updated, but it can be programmed by hand.

Randy and Dennis were at the volunteer picnic and one of the things announced there was that William will be more involved with the CERT group and Rhonda will be more involved with ARPSC.

Jim H. asked if there are items to be put on a wish list.  We need to know what hardware is needed.

Randy said that he saw an outdoor covered camera that will work with modern computers.

Jim H will speak with Mike Tobin to see if the city could accept a grant.

There was discussion about where to put the cameras for Silver Bells.  Jim Griener wondered about using a router.  Dennis is going to try to come up with a solution where the Dell (tower) does not have to be hauled up to the Roof of City Hall.

The cameras need to be up by 5pm.

Bob Berger is going to meetings regarding November 11 Veterans Day parade in Mason.

The parade starts at 3pm.

Randy and Bob gave a report on the October 8 SET.  It went well and our radios were heard.  Randy mentioned that our EOC at Fire Station 8 can use some small thumb drives.  Jim H will donate them.

We need a signal link USB device and cable for Station 8 EOC.

Jim H told Dennis to buy what we need, and Jim will get the money for it.

It sounded like it would be less than $25.