ARPSC Meeting Minutes Monday September 19, 2011

9-19-11 ARPSC Meeting Minutes @ Lansing EOC

Website – Meeting minutes will be getting up on the website, and published in the SCOPE.

Reporting Service Hours – Tom Shaver (AEC) is interested in the all the hours spent, including special events. Admin and equipment hours are also tracked. The ARPSC service hour reports are to be in between 1st and 5th of the next month for the previous month. Total your hours (and miles) spent for ARPSC related activities (such as monitoring river gauges, preparation work for nets/training, etc). These hours count towards work hours that relate to the amount of money the state receives for public service. Totals of service time should be sent to Tom Shaver.

CERT / RACES / ARPSC Picnic – Held Aug 23rd. Horseshoes, volleyball, and "fill the water" were played, and the RACES/ARPSC won each event. At the picnic, Jeff, Dennis, Ron, and Erv received awards for their service for the year.

Exercises – Tom and Jim recommended that anyone who can, to volunteer for the different COMEX/AREX and other related exercises to gain experience.

145.39 – The 145.39 is at the new Eaton County location at an elevation of 175' above ground level. Check-ins from base stations as far away as Saginaw, and mobiles as far north as Claire, west to Lake Odessa, and east to Gregory. There has been talk of remote receive sites in the future to extend the range. The old WKAR antenna is on and will remain at the Eaton County site. Thanks to Jan Bradfield (KC8BFK), who donated the repeater being used at the Eaton County tower.

Service Events – The Hospice Walk (at Granger Meadow Park in Dewitt) is a 5k walk and bike ride. Hospice Walk organizers are excited to have the ARPSC helping out. There is the potential to have ATV setup at this event in the future. The Women Working Wonders walk missed us.

ATV – Recently, ATV was deployed when the controversial reverend held a demonstration at the Capitol. 4 hours of ATV was completed at the site.

LCDRA – There is a craft sale going on to help raise money for LCDRA (to help with costs related to the 145.39 move). If you have a craft you can donate, contact Julie KB8ZXR. Monitor listserv for updates.

Skywarn – There is a new channel for contacting Ingham (in SOG). We are now on the Mutual Aid Channel. When contacting dispatch, you say who you are first, then who you're calling – "This is Ingham Skywarn, calling Ingham..." etc. Skywarn net-control operators will be working to spread out the work load by having more people assist, but each working less. The Skywarn website has been updated, so check out the new information.

How to send a Station Activity Report (Bob K8RDN)
Information you must have to submit: how many nets, traffic handled, public service events.
Nets: Know how many nets you have participated in.
Traffic: Know if you have: originated, sent, received, or delivered. These are put into the form.
Public Service: Record the date and the times (including travel times).
To submit a report – go to . In Resources menu, click on Michigan Section NTS. In the Resources menu click on Report Formatter. Enter the requested information.
To learn more about reports, go to