ARPSC Meeting Minutes Monday September 15, 2014

ARPSC Meeting 9-15-14


Volunteer Time – make sure to submit the time to Jim, as well as the time that you use to prepare for events (especially for planning and setup if you are an organizer). Also, make sure to submit your individual hours to the ARRL.


ATV – There are times that ATV will be requested for time-frames less than a week. We will be working on a protocol for rapid deployment in the future. There are thoughts for getting common places that we setup planned out in advance, so that we can deploy more rapidly. There is a need for ATV now, in the future, as well as the plan to get there (possibly involving grants). There was discussion about trying to get a trailer to host a camera, antenna, and equipment. Any grants will need planning for what is wanted. The kits need of a grooming party before Silver Bells (or other activations).


Skywarn CLASS – We are working to verify possible dates with LCC.


Skywarn – Randy, Jeremiah, and Ron are going to be gone the September 24th, 25th, 26th. Jeremiah can send out codespear. Damage reports - have restricted to Ingham County and direct those in other counties to report directly to our net. If none are available to get to the EOC, start an impromptu net (no directing of spotters / radar / etc). ICSO -- available for use if you have a prox card (will check out next month). An updated SOG is needed for the ICSO. If nobody can run a net, we should let people know to call in their reports to the NWS directly. Net Coordinators should email Jim as to if there are operators available or not. Make sure to remind people of what they should and should not be reporting. Check-ins can be taken on the .94. Accept and promote water, trees on road, etc. If someone asks where to go, let them know that we won’t be asking them to deploy anywhere and to use their best judgment. Make sure to keep the radar at the same spot during Skywarn activations (at the EOC).


ARPSC Communication – Make sure to respond to emails asking for information (yes or no to Jim).


CERT/ARPSC Picnic – October 12 at 1pm @ Fire Station 8.


Football game this Saturday – ARPSC help has been requested for volunteer check in with picture ID. The time will be approximately from 8am to noon or 1pm. Parking passes are available from Jim. Meet at 8am at the travel/information booth with parking in the ramp. Wear EM vest with ID. Be ready for sun / outdoor conditions.


Komen Ride – The organizers were pleased with the radio support that we offered for them, and if the race is held in Mason again (it was previously held in Ann Arbor) we will be requested to help out for SAG vehicles, Net Control, and Aid Station communications.



Membership – The ARPSC runs off of volunteers, so find people that are interested in helping out with public service in Amateur Radio and get them to an ARPSC meeting!