ARPSC Meeting Minutes Monday August 20, 2012

8-20-12 Meeting Minutes @ Ingham EOC


DSTAR – Need to talk to climber to see when the antenna can be setup. It'll be up about 80'.


HOURS – Turn in individual hours for August (other than events/scheduled nets).


Holt Festival – Due to complications, ARPSC will be seeked for next year's festival, so that there is enough time to figure out how we can help.


MSU Games – Still waiting to hear about tethering class. PPT with training information will be sent out for those interested. This will be for working various games and events at the MSU stadium.


Trunk Sales – $200 in profit was made, and people who attended were happy with the setup and the swap. The church will probably be available next year for the swap.


St. James Walk – Went off well, and we were recognized as a platinum sponsor as our time.


Vertical Antenna @ Lansing EOC – Randy and Bob are still working on getting this arranged.


Volunteer Picnic – This Weds at 6pm. Those who want to come need to sign up (check your email).


Skywarn – There have been few nets. Keep on guard as weather can be interesting in Michigan this time of year.


ATV – Need to have a kit grooming party to get the kits ready for the MSU games. Receive kits are being worked on too. There are networking issues being worked out at MSU. Equipment is being prepared to work at the MSU games as requested.