ARPSC Meeting Minutes Monday August 16, 2010


 8-16-10 ARPSC meeting Ingham County Sheriff's Office




  • Equipment and wires were put into the location.  Cable and antenna need to be run on tower.
  • Usefullness was discussed.  The main purpose of the D-Star repeater is to link EOCs.
  • Shiawasse County will be contacted to get details of how it works and how to best set up the repeater.


EOC Equip:

  • Still need to get beam up to contact Lowell (NWS).

Bill Cote: Feel free to contact Bill to let him know we're thinking of him.

Phone Numbers:

Listing will be put up on website - with capabilities of each ARPSC member.  This should allow ARPSC members to more easily contact other members and to know what capabilities that each member has within the group.  The list will require a login in order to access the information.

Emergency Action Plan (EAC/ECG):



  • Planning has started to make one standardized plan for use across the board, including guidelines.
  • Appendixes will be attached for things such as Skywarn (Ron Harger), Net Control Operation, etc. so that the plan is comprehensive.
  • Basic scenario instructions would be a nice addition for radios in EOC so that any member could operate the radios after a quick read.



Americhem Blast (Net Control):

  • Possible evacuations were talked about on the scanner and Erv (W8ERV) sent a code spear message and started a stand-by net in case a net was called.  
  • Discussion was held over nets run other than Skywarn and planned service events (such as the blast in Mason).  It is important to be ready for any situation such as a train derail, a freeway issue, explosion / fire / other emergency, but there are no specific guidelines for this type of situation.  As of right now, if you are net control capable it is time to start a standby net whenever something is happening.  Be ready to pass the information over if someone more qualified arrives on frequency.
  • Concerns: RACES activation must be called upon by a govt. official, but a standby net isn’t full activation and so should be allowed.  Other concern is of legal responsibility especially with the use of code-spear because it is a government communication channel.  Guidelines will be worked into the Emergency Action Plan.

ATV kits:

Kits were groomed after Common Ground.  several kits needed some things – and that information was forwarded for replacement parts to be acquired.  All kids except one have been tested and checked.  (3 - 900MHz units and 1 - 400MHz unit are currently operational.)


On August 11th a skywarn net was called.  Questions were brought up for APRS trackers and getting some to selectively use to keep track of mobile spotters and or mobile units at service events.  Trent will be notified after finding specifically what units we need.  Bionics APRS was noted as the option and are about 200 dollars a piece.

Mason Walk:

Suggestions were taken about putting up more signage, putting vehicles to block high traffic road closures, and more water stations for the next Mason Walk event.  Many members enjoyed serving at the walk and are looking forward to next year.

ATV Kits:

Tripod shopping has started to replace the older or damaged ATV kits.  The best fit for size and weight are in the $60 range.  More research will be done before asking for funding.