ARPSC Meeting Minutes Monday July 19, 2010


7-18-10 ARPSC meeting Lansing EOC

Common Ground:

  • It was discussed that it might be good to look into throat mics ... just to get better setup for the noise conditions.  It could be worth looking into getting MSU to help with the bill (they've offered).
  • Tripods might need to be replaced ... really jerky and hard to get working (cracking, seizing up, etc)
  • Gaffers Tape would be useful for antenna setup (leaves no residue behind)Need lightening feed for radar!
  • There seems to be Emergency Management support for new equipment to help with Common Ground.
    • Need to get list to Trent
    • Want to get technology available to be able to record and have all cameras live at event
  • Access to golf cart and passes for ID was a benefit.
  • Common Ground wants video recorded so there is ability to check validity of any claims made.
  • Training on ATV was discussed as a possibility for the future.  If anyone wants to become more familiar with ATV, they can help out when the kits are groomed, or sign up for a service event utilizing the ATV kits (such as Silver Bells) and they will be trained on site.


Need to explore: gaffers tape, research recordings, tripods, ear/throat mikes, ATV committee formed toe explore technology options.

Update from Trent: July 1 - two new personnel: community planner (Barb Hamilton) and an accountant for homeland security funding for this regional area.  Have a vista (from americorps) one was working on special population needs, the other is working on do1thing.  Might look into a vista for VOAD program to help enhance capabilities. 

Technology upgrades at the EOC: Feeds will be added to GRL3, laptops will be replaced that need to.  There will be a new evidence room that makes the current (in Lansing EOC) to be turned into a kitchen.  Some funding will be coming in to help with the downstairs footprint.

Picnic: CERT vs ARPSC - Aug 12th - sign up!  Suggestions are being looked upon for vol. of year (on e-mail sent via listserv)

Vests: ARES dress code has been updated for dress in public.  Compliant vests are available at the Lansing EOC.  There are Velcro vests with ARPSC on front and Emergency Management on back.  Vests are being checked out by signing out on a sheet.  These vests are available for those who need one, and are ARES compliant.

Skywarn Advanced Training: It looks like the training will be held sometime in September and will be similar other advanced trainings such as the IMO Advanced Skywarn training.  Attendees will need to have had Skywarn training prior to attending the advanced training.

Code Spear:
Skywarn team will need to learn how to do the Code Spear in case Ron isn't available.  Some spotters want to be put on (receiving the e-mails, not able to send) so that they can be allowed to know when the nets are being started.  We will have to look into how many licenses are available.  There are more end-user licenses.  Discussion concluded that a person must be an active member of ARPSC/Skywarn to be considered for e-mail reception of Code Spear messages.

Tom Shaver:
Jim Hannahs has accepted position of Asst. Emergency Coordinator for ARPSC.  He will be taking over more of the daily operations over time.

Members can go to the website to view fliers and shoot an e-mail to sign up for those service events that they are interested in.

Net Control:
Don McClain urges more members to give a try for the net control positions or to offer training.