ARPSC Meeting July 18, 2016

7-18-16 Meeting Notes @ Lansing EOC

ATV Kits - Equipment was brought back, and RF analog kits will be brought out and groomed in the future to make sure all is working well.  This setup of the analog kits will be useful to help train anyone interested as well.

CHEM-DOT - Annual exercise involving Region 1 trailers.  Public service and Amateur Radio gear is deployed.  Ingham County and Meridian Township had their trailers there, and the equipment was tested.  Notes were taken for how to improve the setup.  There was a demonstration on how to handle transportation of sensitive infectious patients.  This is a good opportunity to learn about the trailers.

Trailer Training - There is discussion to bring in both trailers to the training station at Pennsylvania for a Friday / Saturday training exercise for those who have not been able to attend CHEM-DOT.  It may also be done at Fire Station 8, to allow logistics and coordination with the Lansing EOC.  September 10th and 17th are possible days.

Radio Tests - We are planning to test all of the radios in the county (Fire Stations, ICSO, 911 center, EOCs, MSU).  Programming of the radios would be helpful before this to help out with radio communications.  There is also talk about doing some of the out-county positions (Mason, Williamston, Leslie, etc) to talk to Net Control, even if it was with a personal vehicle, to show our communication footprint capabilities.

Frequency list is done by Randy.  The list is awaiting review.

Equipment Wish List - email Dennis Boone these things so that they can be passed on.  

FEMA Classes - The IS-22 class is still online if you search for it, but the test is not active.  We are working to see what sort of training may take the place of this class.  There was also talk as to how long one should be able to go before refreshing in the classes they have taken.