ARPSC Meeting Minutes Monday July 16, 2012


7-16-12 Meeting Minutes @ Lansing EOC


RACES cards – were issued.


Field Day – The location in Mason was warmly received by both hams, the local businesses, and local officials.


Holt Festival – We are awaiting more information. Less than 10 people are likely to be requested for radio work. They are looking for reliable communication due to spotty cell phone coverage. CERT requires 30 days notice for events, so it is unlikely CERT will be involved.


Common Ground – 450 hours were logged by ARPSC members. Organizers and officials were happy / appreciative of ARPSC's work. ATV kits will be groomed soon. Please make sure to setup and re-pack the ATV kits as they were before they were used, and make sure to be careful with the equipment. Also make sure to report any issues with the kits so that we can be fixed as needed. The more this happens, the less issues there will be in the future.


MSU Football – First game is coming up. There will be another tethering class to allow more people to get trained and become eligible to work ATV on the roof at MSU football games. Those interested should email Jim to let him know of your interest.


Trunk Swap – July 28th setup at 7pm, and tear down at 1pm it would be useful to have volunteers. Vendors are coming and the ARRL is giving prizes. Free oil changes are also going to be offered. We are still looking for someone to do talk-in.


Volunteer Picnic – The Picnic with RACES and CERT will be at Hawk Island – 8-22-12 @ 6pm. All ARPSC members are invited. There will be activities and food there.


HF Antenna – Bob and Randy will be working to get HF capabilities at the EOC with a donated dipole antenna.


Public Service Events:

St. James Walk – 7am to 1pm. Our assistance will be until the race is completed.

Holt Festival – 8-25-12 – more information coming.

Women Working Wonders run – 9-9-12 – downtown in front of Sparrow. Officials are looking for extra pairs of eyes.

Veterans Day Parade – 11-11-12 – in Mason. 4 people are needed to pass messages of what vehicles are leaving in what order. Parade should be around 1 hour. More information coming.


LCDRA meeting this Thursday at Lansing Fire Station #8.