ARPSC Meeting Minutes Monday June 18, 2012


6-18-12 Meeting Minutes @ Ingham EOC

Monthly Reporting hasn't been active the last two months. We are looking into this.

RACES Cards – Those who need to, go to Lansing Fire Station #8 to get their RACES card and picture. Call and ask for Ronda Oberlin.

Field Day – This Saturday and Sunday.  Should cost no money this year to run Field Day because of donations.  Check listserv emails for updates this week.

Holt Festival (8-25-12) – Will not need people for the 5K walk, but for the parade, fireworks, and volunteers.  CERT has been suggested as an option to work with RACES for some coverage for services.

EOC Trailer – working well – antenna not yet permanently mounted though.

MSU Football Games – We are about two months out from when MSU will want us for ATV during certain football games (tethering class will be required for those who wish to volunteer).  View the video that Dennis sent out and then the class is about 30 minutes at the site.

Common Ground – still need some new spots. Need at least 4 video operators and two operators for the EOC. Usually need to be operating by 6pm, and over 11-12pm.

Skywarn – If you are on a team, make sure to keep an eye on the expected weather.

ATV Kits – have been groomed and are working well. Those who use ATV kits should make sure to take care with the kits so that they last longer.

4th of July – We have been requested for dispatching CERT for the fireworks in Lansing.

Fire Station 8 – Vertical antenna is going to be looked into by Randy + Bob.