ARPSC Meeting Minutes Monday June 17, 2013

6-17-13 Meeting Minutes @ Ingham EOC

Common Ground – Those who are able to work should show what day they can work. We are looking at 4 sites to run ATV probably.

July 4th – There is a possibility that we will be asked to work the 4th of July fireworks in Lansing to help with dispatching CERT.

Records– If you have a call sign change or date change, let Jim know so that he can make note of that.

D-STAR– There is a possibility that LCDRA will take over control of the DSTAR program for the Ingham County area.

Monthly Hours – 2 types

1.    ARPSC Hours - Ron, Jeremiah and Jim will take care of all monthly hours that we volunteer for.  This is sent up monthly to show group participation for Ingham County.

2.    Individual Hours – These are all the hours you dedicate (the ARPSC Hours), Net participation (like Skywarn, Training Nets. Etc), ATV Kit repairs, anything you do for the group, etc, need to be submitted on a monthly basis for you to get credit individually.  You will submit these hours yourself.  This is the class that Bob Berger taught and either he or I can get you the URL if needed. 

ATV kits – are groomed and ready to go. Those using the kits should make sure to be careful, as they are delicate.

Skywarn – There have been several activations, much more than we had last year. We need volunteers to go to the EOC. Those interested in helping out as Net Control at the EOC for Skywarn activations should contact Ron Harger, Erv Bates, Jeremiah Sevrey or Jim so we can help get you the training.

Skywarn Training 2014 – after last week of Feb – working to secure LCC West as a location.

Field Day – It is THIS WEEKEND (June 22 and 23). Help will be useful for setup and tear-down Saturday morning at 8am and Sunday afternoon 2pm at Rayner Park.

No meeting planned in July or August, barring unforeseen circumstances. If there is a meeting, members will be notified by listserv.