ARPSC Meeting May 21, 2018

05-21-18 ARPSC Meeting Notes @ Lansing EOC

7PM Meeting called to order. There were 12 people present.

It was determined that all 6 Ingham Co. proxy cards have been turned in.

John Griener will be checking all of the cameras and equipment.

Everyone’s proxy cards worked at the EOC doors tonight.

Randy Williams explained to 2 new visitors tonight what classes to take to get their RACES cards.  They are John Winn KE8CYC and Stephen Lyon W8RQS.

Bob Berger said that we should all take the updated Fema classes.

Joe Urdezela and Bob Berger reported that programming and testing all of the Fire stations radios worked well.  Now all of the radios have the same frequencies.

The results were forwarded to Mike Tobin, Rhonda, and William.

Randy Williams has completed the SOG for all radios to have all frequencies on the same channels.

CMARC is still working on getting a 501c3.

An equipment list for our needs has been given to Mike Tobin.

Jim has asked Mike Tobin that for continuity all District 1 trailers have the same radios that will have the same channels.

The Common Ground Sign Up sheet went around.

The State EOC did a SET and Randy Williams and John Tyree were at the Lansing EOC and Troy Creed and Joe Urdzela were at the SEOC. During that test, Randy discovered that we don’t have a password for the computer in our EOC and therefore could not receive any email messages that the State was attempting to send.

Randy will let Mike Tobin know that.

Dan Beuchert was unable to attend the meeting, however he sent information with Randy to give an update about the June Field Day.   They still need Trailers. All of the operators for the various modalities are set.

CMARC is having a Ham Swap the last full weekend of July.  There will be more info to come later.

Jeff Goeke-Smith and Randy gave a report about the Hamvention. 

Mike Holcomb and Randy are working on locations for next Spring’s Skywarn training.

Respectfully submitted by Ginny Hannahs