ARPSC Meeting Minutes Monday May 21, 2012


5-21-12 Meeting Minutes @ Lansing EOC

RACES Cards – Those that have new RACES cards need to get theirs from Lansing Fire Station #8. There are four new RACES members.

Field Day (6-23 to 24) – 4 weeks away. There are many donations from businesses for food and other help. If you know of places that would be willing to donate ice, hamburger patties, table paper, etc: get in contact with Jim.

Holt Festival (8-25-12) – 7a-10p. More information is to come soon.

MSU Football games – ATV will be used in first 4-5 home games. Those doing ATV will need to take a class for tethering as we will be on the stadium roof and a dorm roof. MSU likes the capabilities of the ATV units, and hope to use them into the future. Those interested in this are urged to get trained in tethering so that there will be more ATV operators available for these games. Viewing the video that Dennis sent out is the first part of training. Training should be available at the first active ATV game.

Lansing Marathon – Race went pretty well with no major injuries. It was difficult getting the ATV kits running in the beginning of the marathon. It will be necessary to get out ahead of the event so that we are better prepared and ready to go. Communication went very well by report. Our RACES group dispatched the CERT teams. For events like these, make sure to brush up on the Incident Command System.

Lansing Police – Two cameras were setup in a parking ramp during a protest and video was recorded. LPD is starting to use ATV more frequently.

Common Ground (July 9-15) – Volunteers are needed to cover the four stations for each of the days. The more volunteers we have, the less time each member needs to volunteer. Please contact Jim if you can help.

CF walk dewitt riverfront park (June 3) – 3 more volunteers needed starting at noon.

CERT – has asked us to dispatch their next two events from Fire Station #1 (LCC).

  • BWL Chili Cook-off (June 2)  
  • Fireworks (July 4)

Skywarn – The three teams are still working in a rotating basis to offer net control and net decision making coverage. Could still use more volunteers at the EOC during storms.

ATV – Some maintenance is needed, but all kits are working.

Chemical Simulation (5-17-12) with Lansing EOC Trailer – Antennas were setup, radios checked and tested. Between 8am-2:30pm members present learned from presentations with Meridian Twp. as well as 6 other counties. Those who are available to attend these types of trainings and simulations, make sure to attend so that you become familiar with the emergency communication trailers and equipment so we are better prepared for field deployments.

Lansing EOC HF Antenna – Antenna work is needed to ensure regional communication. Contact Bob K8RDN or Randy KD8MOK if interested in helping.