ARPSC Meeting Minutes Monday May 20, 2013

5-20-13 Meeting Minutes @ Lansing EOC

Common Ground – 7/8 to 7/14 –3 or more camera positions will be utilized. We need more than 40 shifts, so see if you can volunteer.

Individual Monthly Reports –Get into Jim by the 5th of the month. This is for things that are scheduled events / nets.

Vertical HF Antenna – There is a trap dipole that was donated. Randy and Bob worked to get it together, and with the tuner the SWR is below 2 on every band used. There is a dipole on the roof, a piece of coax on a balun. The pieces on the roof and coax have been labeled for future cleaning and organizing.

Lansing Marathon – Injuries of race participants were minimal, and the operation went smoothly. There were at least 15 operators and ARPSC helped dispatch for CERT. There were 2200 runners this year, and the event is planned for next year again.

Skywarn – There are three lead Net Control Coordinators for Skywarn – based on a rotating schedule with Erv, Jeremiah, and Ron. For those that can help out with the EOC, contact Jim to get on the call list.

SET – Each of the 8 districts for Michigan had a time slot (two hour slots) for stations to receive and return a message to the State EOC. There were some bugs to be worked out, but we were able to receive and return the required messages (1 of each).

Field Day– The Trailer used in past Field Days is being requested – HF stations should have contingency plan for not having it for the 2 HF stations. Jim Greiner has a golf-cart we may be able to use for those with mobility issues.