ARPSC Meeting May 15, 2017

5-15-17 Meeting Notes @ Lansing EOC


Jim Hannahs
Ginny Hannahs (substitute recorder of minutes)
Dennis Boone
Jeff Goeke-Smith
Mike Holcomb
Joyce Brenan
Jim Griener
Michael Boensch
Bob Berger
Steve Cooper
Joe Urdzela


Per Dennis, waiting for a time to get together to work on D-Star

Steve Cooper asked for his RACES card

Randy Williams is gone for one week.  He and Joe are planning on going to the Fire stations to check the radios.

Dennis wants to get together with William to clean out the Lansing EOC.

There is a lockable shed behind the Fire Station 8 that we can ask about using.

Update on Chemdot:

Chemdot was attended by Jim, Ginny, Bob Berger, Joe Urdzela, and Steve Cooper.  All of the radios and antennas for Ingham Co and Meridian trailers were checked.  Having the hard tires for the generator trailer was much better. (No flat tires)

A State Police Bomb Squad officer taught everyone a lot about what the Bomb Squad does.

Joe asked why the trailers are not more uniform.  All of the 7 trailers belong to District One.

Steve Cooper said that there should be better labeling to describe the contents of each cabinet, and he would like to see an easy to see Easy To Use directions for each radio in the trailers.  Jim said that Randy Williams is working on SOP for all frequencies that need to be used for all trailers and EOCs.

Jim said that Bruce Pollock is working on getting money for programmable radios with D Star capabilities for all D 1 trailers.

Joe asked about what vest to wear at common ground.  Dennis said that sometimes he feels like RACES people may not want to wear vests there.  The comment was made to bring a vest along incase it is needed.

Joyce read a list of several activities that CERT is involved with, and she said that the Date of the Holiday party for CERT and RACES is Dec 8 from 6pm to 8pm at the Polish Home.  Bring a dish to pass.

Mike Holcomb reported that there were 106 people at Sky warn training this year.