ARPSC Meeting Minutes Monday April 21, 2014

ARPSC Meeting 4-21-14

Time – Hours that you do OUTSIDE of normal nets, events, meetings, etc should be reported to Jim (your individual hours such as prep time).

Background Checks – Routine checks are occurring are happening for ARPSC and CERT members. The updated Background Check form has been posted at  

RACES Cards: If you have an old RACES card, let Jim know.

Skywarn: The schedule of leads has been arranged between Ron, Randy, and Jeremiah. Volunteers will be needed for Net Control Operators to help out during activations. Let Ron, Jeremiah or Randy know if you are available for serving as a Net Control during activations.

Skywarn March 22nd: 128 attendees have were trained at LCC West.

Field Day: June Letter to Mason – Account: savings – Mason – trying to get for next three years, Ron chair, etc

Lansing Marathon: Many operators will be at watering stations. There are some locations that have been requested for an Amateur Operator to be at. Jeremiah will be sending out locations soon. You can use Google Maps to figure out your location once it is given to you, and questions can be directed to Jeremiah. The marathon starts at 7am, and so you'd want to be there by 6:30am. The marathon will end at 3:30pm. Mike Hamel has asked us to use the new ATV cameras on the River Walk.

Upcoming Events (For more information or who to contact if you can help, visit the table at

4-26-14 – March of Dimes

4-26-14 – MS Walk

5-2-14 – Mason State 5K

7-17&18 – Cert Training

7-8 thru 7-13 – Common Ground

ChemDot 14 – 5-7-14 – 9am – 3pm – Mike Hamel would like 3 or 4 people to test out the trailer equipment in Howell at Livingston EMS: 1911 Tooley Rd, Howell, MI. Lunch will be served and possibly breakfast.

WLNS – WX Radios are going to be programmed at the Meijers. The next one will be at the Mason Meijer this coming Weds (4/23) starting at 4pm until 7pm. There will be more events at different local Meijers following this event.

Frequencies for Fire Stations – There was discussion about possible additions to the East for the list that was created for the Fire Station tests, so that all radios in the Fire Stations have the same frequencies programmed in their amateur radio stations. Matt and Randy have worked out a program to flash over the frequencies to the radios into memory. If there are comments/ideas, get word to Randy. (Frequency List can be located at once logged in.) There was discussion about having a county wide exercise to test communication throughout the county using mobiles at locations without installed amateur stations. Some locations where we could test are EOCs and even out of county EOCs. Paths of communication, including necessary relay locations, could be mapped out so that we know where we could reach and not reach in case of simplex usage.


Tripods for ATV – We are looking into replacement tripods that are more sturdy than what we have and that are also not too heavy with enough capacity. Tripods might not be as much of an issue if carts are upgraded so that it can be secured better without tipping. There was also discussion about different mounting options for the new cameras to allow for greater flexibility with the new cameras.