ARPSC Meeting April 17, 2017

4-17-17 ARPSC Meeting Notes @ ICSO  

Ingham County EC Sgt. Mary Hull was in attendance.  We briefly described our communication and video support to the County and Lansing.  

DStar - No update, but there is an LCDRA meeting this Thursday.  Looking for more information, and we will be working with McLaren Hospital to work with grounding issues.

If you work hours for public service (ARPSC) make sure that Jim has your hours.

ATV Kits - both dome cameras are working as of now, putting out picture and operating as normal.  The issue of one of the cameras during the last deployment seems to have been a link issue, and not a hardware issue.

Background Checks - If you haven’t had a background check in the last two years, make sure to get your paperwork in there.  These need to be updated soon to ensure access to county / Lansing buildings.

Common Ground - 7-6 to 7-9 - It is shorter this year.

Hospice Walk - 5-21-17 - Granger Meadows Park.

Field Day - June 24th and 25th.  Rayner Park has been secured as a site for at least the next three years.  The trailer we have used in the past is still available, though there is an issue with the front of the floor.  If the floor issue isn’t safe, we will be working to look into alternative arrangements.  Sgt. Hull will be looking into the state of the trailer to see what may need to be done and/or if it looks like for a good option.

Testing Radios at EOCs - Randy and Dennis are working on the details of this, and a date has not yet been set.  The planning is in progress for the programming of the radios as well as the testing afterward.  There are still plans to test the out county Fire Stations as well.

501(c)3 - CMARC has submitted paperwork for 501(c)3, and LCDRA also has paperwork in.

Cleaning the EOC - There is still a date being worked on so that all groups that use the Lansing EOC.

Lansing EOC Computer Updates - Some of the computers need to be updated, and GRLevel3 needs a license key to be put in so that we can use the radar.  The computer we use in the EOC should be on the list of computers updated more regularly.

Frequency Document - ICS 217 - Every amateur radio repeater within 40 miles of the center of Ingham County has been mapped into the sheet.  This is completed and just in need of a proof-read.

ChemDOT - This Monday 4-24-17 - will be at the Livingston County EMS.  Volunteers are needed and appreciated to make sure that we have the trailers in good working order.

District 1 trailer replacement - We are looking into getting a programmable radio into this trailer so that we have the ability to have this radio programmed with the ICS 217 frequencies.

Skywarn Training - This Saturday - Help signing up show up around 9.  Thus far 55 people are signed up in pre-registration.

2017 Goals - Regularizing the deployment of the digital ATV kits (and possibly looking at repurposing some of the old kits to digital TV kits).  Working on HF deployments.  David St. location could be groomed / cleaned out as well when the Lansing EOC work can be worked on.  APRS deployment kits (some of this could be found in David St.).

Skywarn - On call schedule is being put together.

Website - Ben is working on moving the website over to WordPress from Drupal (which can not be updated further).  Question was to see if there could be a security layer to prove you’re a human to the list-serv sign up.

Relay from Dennis - N8SG Larry St. George - A small pile of hardware has been found, and there has been a request to see if this pile of gear is working and or can be used.  This could lead to us using our HF gear to talk to Clinton County and make sure that our HF radio is working well.