ARPSC Meeting Minutes Monday April 15, 2013


4-15-12 Meeting Minutes @ Ingham EOC

Time Reporting – If you do any work outside of the normal meetings and scheduled events, send your time in by the way Bob K8RDN showed us.  If you need assistance, let me know.

Vertical Antenna at Fire Station 8– 80m/40m dipole has been donated, and measurements will be taken, probably this weekend.  Bob and Randy will take the old one down.

Green and White Game – We are not working the Green and White game this year. August or September we may run ATV at MSU Football games.

Lansing Marathon – 4-21 – We will probably use the .94 repeater. Visit will show the route. Be aware of the surroundings at your location and notify people if you see anything suspicious. There are 8 water stations that we will be covering, as well as locations along the river walk.

Common Ground – June 8 to June 14 – There are 49 shifts, so all those interested should get in contact with Jim or Jeremiah.

Hamfest – Things are coming along well.

ATV Kits – All have been prepped and groomed. Minor tripod maintenance is still needed for one of the tripods, but everything else looks good. We are looking into getting some new and better cameras for ATV operation.

Skywarn – Ron Harger, Jeremiah Sevrey, and Ervin Bates are leaders for Skywarn Net Control (on a rotating basis). There are volunteers that have stepped forward. It is best to have 2-3 people (3 minimum for a major event) in the EOC to make sure that things run smoothly.

Field Day – June 22 & 23 –We are setup for Mason, and a meeting with the Field Day Chairs (Tony Jones, Randy Williams, and Daniel Beuchert) with City of Mason city officials.

May 11 SET
– Saturday – Spring exercise 8am – 10am.  At Fire Station 8 we will receive and reply messages. There is a need for volunteers at the State EOC. Jeremiah Sevrey and Steve Easley have volunteered.

 (Lansing Civil Defense Repeater Association) Meeting – Next meeting is Thursday April 18 at 7:00PM at Lansing FS #8.

Upcoming Service Events
 (Contact Jeremiah if interested!):
·       April 27
o      March for Babies – 9am to 1pm – Old Town Lansing
o      MS Walk – 9am to 1pm – Potter Park Zoo Lansing
·       May 3
o      6pm to 9pm – Mason

Training Net 
– May 6 has a Net Control, no one to do training.  If anyone is interested in volunteering or in offering training and/or future nets for Net Control or Training.

Dstar – Discussion was had about moving the ball forward to Dstar. 
 Jim will get with Dennis and then with Troy Creed.

Next Meeting 
– May 20, 2013 at LFD #8 at 7:00 PM.