ARPSC Meeting March 20, 2017

3-20-17 Meeting Notes @ Lansing EOC

Field Day -- Negotiations are in effect for getting Mason for the next few years.  There is a new may0or for the City of Lansing.  These negotiations are including Ed Hude, and there is good news looking like we might have approval for the next six years.

Background Checks -- If you haven’t had a background check in the last two years, make sure to get your background check done.

Common Ground -- July 6-9 -- It is shorter than last year and we are planning for three cameras.  

Skywarn -- Ron Harger is working over the SOG (Standard Operations Guide) to update and modernize.

Randy is working on the frequency documentation.

ARPSC Website -- Ben Holcomb is working on making a WordPress website.  Jim is curious for a date.

Skywarn Training -- April 22nd 10am to 12 noon.  If people are registered on site, they will also need to be signed in for the date.  There is talk of having two lines and possibly some computers 

available for walk-ins to register first, so they can walk down the line and get signed in.

Room Cleanup -- There has been a request to get the EOC Radio Room cleaned up, and we are working out the details of getting together to get it cleaned up and organized / paired down.

ATV Kits -- Packaging ideas to improve the carts were discussed.  

Next Meeting -- April 17th at Ingham ICSO.