ARPSC Meeting Minutes Monday March 19, 2012

3-19-12 Meeting Minutes @ Lansing EOC

We had a speaker, Kevin KD8GVM from the Marathon committee that the Detroit Free Press does every year.
Lansing Marathon has asked for his assistance this year with their marathon on April 23, 2012.
Kevin said that he will be available to answer questions that our group may have regarding the marathon.
He said that the Lansing Marathon is one of the Marathons that people will use to try to qualify for the Boston Marathon.
He said that runners are in a zone, and they don't pay attention to things sometimes.  He said that one time in Detroit a runner ran into an ambulance that was helping a runner in need.
Field Day will be at Raynor Park in Mason this year, June 22-24.
Next year it will be in Williamston.  The hope is to rotate parks every year.
 MSU has asked for some ATV operators for the Green and White Football Game on April 28.  They are also interested in having ATV for some of the other football games.
All of the people who need proxy cards now have them.
Skywarn training will be April 7 at LCC west. 
Ron Harger discussed the idea of having anyone who calls to check in for a weather net to give their call sign, name, and spotter ID number.
Everyone seemed to be in agreement, since it is a requirement that anyone who is a skywarn spotter be up to date with skywarn training.
Jim Greiner was at the EOC making sure that all of our ATV equipment is ready to roll when needed.  GREAT JOB JIM!