ARPSC Meeting Minutes Monday March 18, 2013


3-18-13 Meeting Minutes @ Lansing EOC

MSU– ATV use is currently not being requested for any basketball games.

Service Events – Members should show interest (by contacting Jeremiah or Jim) for these events, so we know if there will be enough members to staff an event.
Upcoming Events:
·       Green and White game – Sat 4-20-13
·       Lansing Marathon – Sat 4-21-13 – usually starts at 8am
·       Common Ground – July 8 through 14 2013

We are looking for volunteers for each of these events. Six volunteers are needed for the green and white game. Multiple are needed for both the Lansing Marathon and Common Ground. Get in contact with Jeremiah if you can help with any of the events.

Background Checks – The renewal process is starting.

Hours – Turn personal hours in, by month, by doing the process Bob Berger showed us at one of our meetings.  Jim. Jeremiah and Ron will handle most of the large events we do.

Skywarn Class – 80 people attended and it went well. We are working to setup arrangements for next year soon.

Hamfest– July 27 – 8am - 1pm. Fliers have been taken to Marshall, and the planning is going well. Food, hot-dogs, VE session at 10, Digital communication forum, antenna building demo, and Dentronics will be there.

Skywarn– Ron, Erv, Jeremiah will be the team leaders that will be on call for a week at a time. Those who are interested in volunteering to be available for a week at a time should contact Jim. Team leads will call from a pool of available members for net control operations. Normally 2-4 people can run the operations for a Skywarn net well.

ATV Kits – have been groomed. 3 are ready to go, and #92 has a few issues to rectify.

Field Day – we are reserved for Mason's Raynor Park on the 22ndand 23rd. Tony Jones, N8TSP, is working on the Field Day efforts. Randy is working with Matt KD8OOS to establish a mesh network for Field Day, to try and alleviate some issues that happened in 2012.

Randy Williams is the AEC in the absence of Tom Shaver.

Website– Meeting minutes as well as the dates and times of meetings have been updated in the website.

Training Net – The next few months have volunteers for net control, but volunteers for the training portions are still needed. Contact Don McLain KB8RAD if you are interested.

Simulated Emergency Tests – those interested in helping out or gaining experience for these should get in contact with Jim Hannahs –KC8QWH. They are good learning experiences and show how other municipalities operate.

Next meting is April 15th– Please spread the word to members to come, and to those who may be interested to look into the required FEMA classes and at least join us at a meeting!