ARPSC Meeting Minutes Monday March 17, 2014

ARPSC Meeting 3-17-14


DSTAR – We are still looking at Mason locations for a DSTAR repeater site.  Mason Fire is a possibility for a location.


Time – Hours that you do outside of normal nets, events, meetings, etc should be reported to Jim (your individual hours such as prep time).


Background Checks – Routine checks are occurring are happening for ARPSC and CERT members.


Skywarn – Training is this weekend Saturday 22nd.  Update: 128 people attended the Skywarn training hosted at LCC West!


Fire Station Radio Test – We went to and tested the amateur radios installed in the fire stations in Lansing, 911 center, Lansing EOC, and Ingham EOC.  There were some problems with simplex communication between some stations and Ingham EOC (especially Station 1 (41)).  Randy will be uploading all of the frequencies to all of the radios installed at these stations, so that everyone has the same frequencies on the same channels.  Finalized list will be mailed / posted with freq/channel.


Website – There have been requests for memberhsip.  Please let Dennis Boone know if your request has not been processed.  As a note, when you are signing up for the listserv do not use your ARRL email address because that is not the address you would be posting with through the listserv.


Field Day 2014 – 28th and 29th Ron Harger is the Field Day Chair.  The location of Rayner Park is being finalized currently with Mason City Council.  Those who are interested in volunteering let Ron or Jim know.  If you know anyone who could help by donating materials such as trailers with air conditioning, let us know.  County Emergency Trailer is reserved for the phone stations.  We are exploring use of the Seventh Day Adventists trailer as another option.


Upcoming Service Events: 

Let Jeremiah Sevrey know (or the contact listed for the event) if you are able to help out @


April 26th – March of Dimes – 9-12 @ Burchard Park 220 E Maple, Lansing – Contact Don Tillitson @ if you can help with this walk.


April 26th – MS Walk – 9-12 @ Potter Park Zoo – Contact John Hosford @ 517-712-8381 or email if you can help with this walk.


May 2nd – Mason State Bank 5K – 7pm to 9pm @ Mason Court Building


May 4th – Lansing Marathon – It is very probable that we will be requested for this event and we will need many operators to cover the loop (15+ operators).  RACES certification will be required.  If you are interested in helping out but are not a RACES member, contact Jim.


06/07/2014-06/13/2014 – Common Ground will need several volunteers each day.


Football Games – We have done football games with ATV in the past.  You need fall / tether training before you can take part in these events on the roof.  It might be a good idea to review the video if you have had the training.


Skywarn – There are rotating managers under Ron Harger that take 1 week at a time.  There are other members who are available to report and listed for availability during Skywarn activations.  A minimum of 3 operators is preferable during a Skywarn net.